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Surrender a Pet 

Please exhaust all efforts in privately and safely placing your pet before considering surrendering to the Pet Resource Center. We accept owner-surrendered animals by appointment only.  

Steps to Surrendering a Pet

1. Exhaust every alternative option.

If you adopted your pet from another shelter, private adoption or from a rescue group, regardless of what state or county you reside, please contact that organization to see if they will accept the pet back into their program. Most organizations require that you return the pet to them if you can no longer keep them.

2. Complete the necessary paperwork. 

If you are a resident of Forsyth County, please thoroughly complete the Owner Surrender Background Form and Owner Surrender Release and email them to Incomplete questionnaires will not be accepted and will be sent back to you for completion. Be as thorough as possible while filling out this questionnaire. We ask these questions regarding your pet’s exposure and tolerance to a variety of people, animals and situations so we can attempt to find the best placement possible. We also ask that you provide any veterinary records and current medications your animal may be receiving at this time.

3. Make an appointment and pay surrender fee. 

Once the completed questionnaire is received, an admission specialist will contact you to schedule an intake appointment and answer any questions you may have. There is a $60 surrender fee per animal that must be paid at time of surrender.  

A Note on Animal Behavior

Please note that not every animal surrendered to the shelter will be considered as a public adoption candidate for the Pet Resource Center. This is contingent on their behavior and medical history, acclimation to the shelter environment, behavior evaluation, medical examination and resources available for placement. The Pet Resource Center makes every effort to place animals through its adoption program, its transfer partners or with its Pups with Purpose program. There is no guarantee that the efforts will be successful, and animals with severe health and/or behavior concerns could be humanely euthanized.