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Your Community.
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Forsyth County Careers

Welcome to Forsyth County — a team dedicated to making a daily difference in people’s lives and a big reason why the County is nationally ranked a great place to live, work and play. From skilled trades to professional services, there are numerous opportunities here to grow your community, future and career.  












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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do applications remain posted?

Per Forsyth County policy, all jobs will be posted for a minimum of 10 days to advertise and market open vacancies. A job will remain posted for a maximum of 30 days before expiring. Upon expiration, the hiring manager will review and advise whether or not there is an additional need to continue recruiting. 

The job I applied for has been reposted. Do I need to apply again?

It is important to take notice of the job number associated with each application.  If the job number on the posting is the same as on your application, there is no need to reapply, however, if the job number is different, you are more than welcome to apply for to the secondary job number.

What if I'm having trouble with my NeoGov profile?

For technical help with the application process, such as lost usernames or passwords or screens not loading properly, please contact NeoGov directly at 1-855-524-5627.  If you are not immediately directed to a support technician, you can either hold for the next available technician or press 2 to request a call back.

I applied for a job. Now what?

We would encourage anyone to continue applying to any role they feel might be a good fit and to which they meet or exceed the minimum qualifications.  Upon completing an application, you should see confirmation on the government jobs page that the application was submitted. Nothing further is needed from the applicant at this time. Eligible applications that meet requested minimum standards for the role will be forwarded to the hiring managers for consideration. 

How long before I hear back on an application?

The waiting period for each application varies. Different departments have fluctuating timelines, with some having more immediate needs than others. If you do not receive communication by the expiration date, please submit inquiries to

I just had an interview. Now what?

With different departments having varied timelines for satisfying and fulfilling their vacant positions, the hiring manager should provide insight into the intended timeline during the interview.  If an additional interview is necessary, this will be communicated with you. If you were not selected to move forward with the recruiting process, you will receive email communication to confirm at the close of . If you were selected as the desired candidate to hire an offer will be presented to you from the Forsyth County recruiting team.

I accepted an offer. What's next?

Once you have received and accepted an offer from the Forsyth County recruiting team you will be given instructions regarding the necessary pre-employment screening. Once the test results are cleared and received a start date can be established. Most results take anywhere between three (3) – five (5) business days but could take up to two (2) weeks max.

After the start date has been established candidates are required to complete onboarding paperwork in NeoGov. Each new hire candidate will receive an activation link from NeoGov and will need to complete all items listed in their onboarding checklist. Prior to a new hire’s first day, employees are requested to come to the Employment Services office (located at 110 East Main Street, Suite 230, Cumming, GA 30040) to obtain their employee badge and welcome package. 

When can I start working for Forsyth County?

This can vary depending on onboarding completion, a new hire's availability, and the department's need. Start dates typically align with the beginning of a pay period. Pay period start dates occur every other Monday.

What pay schedule does Forsyth County use?

A majority of all Forsyth County employees fall on a bi-weekly pay schedule. There are select supplemental state employees that will be paid monthly. A copy of the Forsyth County pay schedule(s) can be found here.

What do I need to know about onboarding?

Aside from completing all necessary onboarding checklist in NeoGov, employees will need to bring proper I-9 verification to the Employment Services office (located at 110 East Main Street, Suite 230, Cumming, GA 30040). All I-9 documents must be originals, we cannot accept photocopies. A list of acceptable documents can be found here.

Additionally, new hire candidates are required to provide proof of education prior to their start date. The Employment Services office (located at 110 East Main Street, Suite 230, Cumming, GA 30040) will accept diplomas and/or school transcripts for this. Photocopies of the originals are acceptable.

Other important things to know when preparing to work with Forsyth County.

All new employees will be required to attend New Hire Orientation, which falls on the last Tuesday of every month and is held in the Commissioner Meeting Room (located on the second floor of the Administration Building in downtown Cumming, 110 East Main Street). Invites are sent directly to the employees to provide reminder for their attendance, but attendance would be the next available session following their start date. A list of New Hire Orientation sessions can be found here. Any questions on this should be directed to

All new employee are eligible to start Forsyth County benefits the first of the month following their hire date. An email is typically sent within the first two (2) weeks of starting work. This email will provide instructions for benefits enrollment. Enrollment is done via Employee Navigator with Benalytics. Any questions on this should be directed to

What if I have other questions not answered here?

Email inquiries to