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Community & Animal Safety

What is Community & Animal Safety?

In June 2023, Forsyth County unveiled Community & Animal Safety as the unified brand identity for the departments of Code Compliance, Park Rangers, Animal Services and the Animal Shelter. 

The mission of Community & Animal Safety is to promote the workflow and partnerships between the four departments that work on a daily basis with Forsyth County residents and those who conduct business in the community. 

Each of the departments in Community & Animal Safety focuses on promoting safety in a unique way.

Code Compliance:

  • Helps ensure safe, healthy and attractive living conditions
  • Enforces all County codes
  • Protects the safety and welfare of County residents
  • Helps in maintaining and increasing property values
  • Reduces crime

Unified Development Code (UDC) 

Pet Resource Center:

  • Dedicated to animal safety 
  • Rescues, reunites and rehomes animals in the county
  • Provides pet adoptions

Animal Adoptions

Plans are underway for a rebranding initiative for the Animal Shelter which will take place in Fall 2023. For more information regarding the rebranding of the Forsyth County Animal Shelter to the Pet Resource Center, click here.

Animal Services:

  • Provides education regarding animal related County ordinances
  • Enforces County ordinances as they pertain to animals

Unified Development Code (UDC)

Park Rangers:

  • Provide park visitors with information and assistance
  • Help to ensure positive visitor park experience by doing daily patrols and enforcement of park rules and ordinances
  • Assist County Parks & Recreation department when needed

Parks & Recreation Ordinances

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Jerry Ramos, CPP 


Phone: (678) 513-5897


Forsyth County Community & Animal Safety

4057 County Way,
Cumming, Georgia 30028