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Forsyth County Holds Citizens' Academy Graduation and Launches Student Government Academy

Forsyth County held a graduation ceremony for the second annual class of the Citizens’ Academy program on Sept. 20. The graduation followed the kickoff of the 2023-24 Student Government Academy, a similar program for high school juniors. Photos from these events can be found here.

Over eight classes from June to Sept. 2023, 22 Citizens’ Academy participants toured various facilities and spoke with County leaders about County functions that help drive the community. Participants got to experience first-hand how a local government functions and how they, as residents, can get the most out of it. Student Government Academy participants will share similar experiences over eight classes scheduled from Sept. 2023 to April 2024.

“The continued success of our County is dependent upon residents taking a vested interest in how their government works,” said Forsyth County Manager David McKee. “Our Citizens’ Academy and Student Government Academy participants are leading the charge in helping Forsyth County remain a great place to live, work and play.”

Through seeing many of the inner workings of local government, the County aims to make more community leaders, of all ages, that can help increase awareness and transparency for all.

“We are proud to offer these academies,” said Assistant Director of Communications Amanda Roper. “Our academy participants are all incredible individuals who are truly interested in learning more about how their local government operates.”

“As a new resident of the County, I joined the Citizens’ Academy to gain a better understanding of how departments, services and projects are planned for, developed, operated and maintained,” said participant Johnathan Ford. “I used this opportunity to learn more about the County I now call home and find the best ways to be involved in the projects and services the County provides now and in the future.”

“I joined the Citizens’ Academy to learn about the operations and processes of our local government with the goal of getting more involved and being an advocate for ideas, beliefs and people,” said participant Morgan Waters.

For more information on the academies, visit the Community Engagement page.

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