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Forsyth County DUI Court Marks 15th Anniversary With June 2 Graduation Ceremony
The Forsyth County DUI Court will hold a special graduation ceremony June 2 to mark the program’s 15th Anniversary. The graduation ceremony will be held at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, June 2, at the Lanier Conference Center (3410 Ronald Reagan Blvd.). 

During the ceremony, Forsyth County State Chief Judge T. Russell McClelland, presiding judge of the DUI Court who started the program in 2006, will comment on the achievements of the past 15 years and will personally congratulate the current graduates. Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold Melton will also serve as a featured guest speaker.

Seven participants are slated to graduate from the most recent class of the program, bringing the 2021 total number of graduates to 300. Graduation marks a DUI Court participant’s completion of the treatment program which also includes supervision, in court review hearings, frequent alcohol and drug testing, substantial judicial oversight and full accountability by the DUI Court participant. 

The Forsyth County DUI Court was established to have a positive impact on the Forsyth County community by reducing alcoholism and recidivism, reuniting families and making the community safer while providing alternatives to incarceration that cost less and are more effective. 

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Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harold Melton

Forsyth County State Chief Judge T. Russell McClelland

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