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VIDEO: Forsyth County Celebrates Love on Valentine’s Day with Free Weddings and Dancing

Almost every language has their own way of expressing affection, but in English, those three little words have the power to let someone know how you feel: “I love you.”

That magic phrase echoed around Forsyth County on Tuesday, Feb. 14 as couples young and old joined hands and hearts at the Forsyth County Probate Court and Senior Services.

Forsyth County Probate Court offered free wedding ceremonies this Valentine’s Day, and Judge Daisy Weeks-Marisko said her schedule included “almost … a full day” of “I do’s.”


“I had heard several people that had delayed their wedding due to the pandemic or because of current economic conditions, and I wanted to provide a service for them to be able to get married,” said Judge Weeks-Marisko. “It’s an exciting way for our office to get to help other citizens of our county, and it’s an honor for me to be a special part of each of these couples as they begin their new life together.”

Some couples came alone; others were with friends and family. Some couples came dressed up; others were more casual. But what connected each pair was the desire to solidify their friendship, respect and love.

Sarah and Milton Yeska-Stacul were one such couple.

Sarah said she found out about Forsyth County Probate Court offering free wedding ceremonies on Valentine’s Day when she went to pick up their marriage license.

Both Sarah and Milton, after sealing their vows on Tuesday with a kiss, expressed their gratitude to Weeks-Marisko and Forsyth County Probate Court, stating that the free ceremony offering was “something special.”

“It seemed like it was kind of a group effort for everyone in this county to make [our ceremony] feel special for us,” said Sarah. “And for that, we’re grateful.”

Milton couldn’t stop smiling and looking at his new bride.

Though some might be hesitant to have a “courthouse wedding” Sarah said, she thought it was “definitely worth it because you can make [your ceremony] special in your own way.”

An album of photos from the ceremonies can be found by clicking here. 

While couples like Sarah and Milton were basking in their newly-created union, others across Forsyth County were celebrating decades of love and friendship.

Forsyth County Senior Services hosted a Valentine’s Day dance for patrons, which Senior Services Director Ruthie Brew said usually sells out.

Tickets are never for sale, she said, but interest in attending the dance has always been high.

Music filled the Sexton Hall Enrichment Center as family members, friends and couples took the stage, dancing the afternoon away. Many sat back and caught up with one another over plates of food, good drinks and laughter.

An album of photos from the Senior Services Valentine's Dance Party can be found by clicking here. 

Whether romantic, platonic or familial, Forsyth County celebrated love this Valentine’s Day in the only way it knows how: together.

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