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Film and Video Production Permit

We appreciate your interest in filming in Forsyth County. To ensure the safety and convenience of our residents and visitors, we require a Film and Video Production Permit for any film, TV or video project that takes place within our county boundaries.

Film Production Permit Applications must be submitted at least five (5) to seven (7) days in advance of production. Minimum processing time for film and movie permits is three (3) business days; however, depending on the type, intensity of the production, processing time may take longer.

If you want to film in a park that belongs to or is run by Forsyth County, you need to fill out an application with Forsyth County Parks and Recreation first. They will check if the location is available for filming.

NOTE:  A Film and Video Production Permit shall not serve as a regulatory approval for any activity other than Film and Video production at the identified location. The applicant is required to independently become familiar with and satisfy any other applicable State and local regulations.


Applying for a Film and Video Production Permit

If you want to film in Forsyth County, you need a permit. There are two kinds of permits: one for regular filming and one for student projects. You can use the Forsyth County Customer Self-Service (CSS) Portal  to apply for a permit online. The portal lets you fill out your application, pay the fees, and check the status of your permit.

Each application must be accompanied by the following attachments: 

• Completed Online Application (via CSS)
• Forsyth County Release Agreement
• Certificate of Insurance*
• Site Plan*
• Application Fee: $100

*Please refer to the Forsyth County Film and Video Production Resource Guide and Application Instructions for specific information required.


If you have any questions, please contact: