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Comprehensive Plan (2022 - 2042)

Comprehensive Plan

The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide the intensity, location and timing of development and to ensure compatibility with existing uses, infrastructure and economic trends while protecting natural and cultural resources.

Forsyth County's Comprehensive Plan serves as a policy guide as decisions are made in relation to growth and land use change. The plan addresses critical issues and opportunities through the incorporation of a shared vision for the community's future.

Please access the links below for the different components of the Forsyth County Comprehensive Plan, including the Community Character Map.

Comprehensive Plan Q&A

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

The Comprehensive Plan is a document that addresses critical issues and opportunities within a community that incorporates a shared vision for the community’s future. The plan reviews past trends, evaluates current conditions, describes a preferred future scenario for growth and provides an implementation plan to achieve desired goals and objectives. The plan essentially serves as a policy guide as decisions are made in relation to growth and land use change. A Comprehensive Plan is a result of public planning processes that involve members of the community who work together to visualize the desired shape and distribution of growth through a collaborative dialogue. 

Forsyth County’s Comprehensive Plan went through a minor update in 2021 - 22 according to state planning requirements; this minor update was executed ahead of the required schedule. Local planning rules and procedures are administered through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA). DCA reviews the update and must approve it before the revised Comprehensive Plan can be adopted by the county and go into effect.

What are Character Areas?

Specific geographic locales that have unique, recognizable characteristics that are different from adjacent areas. Distinctions are based on the form, pattern and intensity of land development.

Why are Character Areas Important?

These areas may contain special features to preserve or enhance; have the potential to develop into a distinctive district through planning and appropriate implementation measures; or require special consideration due to specific development concerns.