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North Subarea Trails Master Plan

I. Purpose

Building upon the Bicycle Transportation & Pedestrian Walkways 2025 Plan in the northern portion of the county, the Subarea Trails Master Plan aims to support community health while directly contributing to Forsyth County’s goals of investing in quality of life and improving mobility as identified in the county’s Comprehensive Plan. Bicycle travel and increased walkability are at the forefront of this effort, connecting neighborhoods with recreational spaces, county facilities and natural resources such as Lake Lanier, Sawnee Mountain and the Etowah River.

II. Introduction

This master plan serves as a guide in the county’s endeavor to create enhanced trail amenities. The plan includes both placement suggestions and location-specific design standard recommendations for multiuse paths, spur trails and supporting facilities such as trailheads, signage, and seating. 

The document also contains implementation policy guidance, which includes a phased development timeline, as well as potential funding opportunities. Forsyth County’s Department of Planning and Community Development and Department of Engineering continue to pursue action steps to implement the trail network and design recommendations as development expands within the trail network boundary.

III. Location

The trail network will expand through the utilization of Matt Highway (Highway 369) as its backbone with a series of loops to provide greater options for trail users. This will create approximately 35 miles of trails connecting neighborhoods to community amenities throughout the subarea boundary. The supplementary trails diverging from the spine intend to offer residents safe pedestrian routes to recreational amenities, natural resources and public facilities such as schools and libraries. As the trail system progresses, this will allow for potential connectivity to other county and regional pedestrian projects identified in the 2015 Bicycle and Pedestrian Walkways Plan and the 2018 Comprehensive Transportation Plan Update.

IV. Process

The North Subarea Trails Master Plan process began in 2015. A consultant team was brought onboard and existing conditions research and analysis was performed. A committee consisting of resident stakeholders and county staff was assembled to help guide consultants throughout the planning process. For six weeks from January to March 2018, an online survey was provided on the county website to record the desires of participating residents. Between December 2018 and June 2019, three committee meetings and a public open house were held to gain important feedback and input for the direction of the plan, helping to shape the final recommended trail network. On July 23rd, 2019, the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners voted to approve the North Subarea Trails Master Plan.

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