Plan Review, Inspections, Fire Codes

Forsyth County Fire Department
Fire Marshal's Office

3520 Settingdown Road
Cumming, GA 30028
Office: (678) 455-8072 Fax: (678) 513-5950
Email Fire Marshal

Alway dial 911 for any emergency

To make a report of a fire hazard please contact the Forsyth County Fire Marshal's Office at (678) 455-8072 or via e-mail to

To report a burn violation after the hours of 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday please call (770) 781-3087.


2019 Directive Regarding IFC510
510 Compliance Acknowledgement
Authorization for Blasting
Emergency Light and Exit Test Form
Fire Watch Log
Fire Lane Specifications
Storage/Industrial Occupancy Commodity Affidavit Form
High Piled Storage Application
List of Fire Watch Personnel
Operational Permit
Outdoor Burning Ban Flyer 2021 v2


  • Fireworks, Explosives, and Raw Wood Waste Processing/Recycling Operations require an Operational Permit
  • Commercial buildings, commercial structures, and commercial interior projects located in unincorporated Forsyth County and the City of Cumming require plan review prior to construction, see the plan review section below for more information on submittal
  • Sprinkler, Fire Alarm, Commercial Hoods, Hood Suppression, Paint Booths, Paint Booth suppression systems, and Storage Tanks (under 660 gallons) require plan review to the Fire Marshal's Office prior to installation see the plan review section below for more information on submittal


Inspections are handled in two categories: new construction and existing buildings. Inspections in either category require a 72-hour notice for an inspector.

New Construction

To schedule a fire inspection or for fire code questions, call the Fire Marshal's Office at (678) 455-8072 or contact via e-mail at

50% inspections are offered as a courtesy to help answer any questions that a contractor may have prior to the required 80% inspection. 50% inspections are mandatory in multi-family dwellings

80% inspections are conducted when structural elements are in place and open for review of life safety components such as fire barriers, vertical shafts, stairways, smoke stops, etc.

100% inspections are conducted when the building is ready to occupy and open for business. Upon completing and passing the 100% inspection, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.

Please make all inspection requests at least 3 days in advance.

Existing Buildings

Annual inspections can be made upon request.

Inspection Fees

50%, 80%, 100, Annual, and Fire Follow-Up No Charge
Second Follow-Up $150.00
All Other Follow-Ups $200.00
After Hours Inspections $100.00
Certificate of Occupancy $150.00

All fees shall be paid prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.

Plan Review

Owners, their agents or designee are required to submit plans and specifications of all proposed buildings, structures and property described in the Forsyth County Fire Ordinance Chapter 38 Section 4 and all building elements described below.

Plans that are reviewed only by the Fire Marshal’s Office must be submitted electronically through for both county and city. Plans must be in black ink on white background in a pdf format.

The following two sites are used to submit electronic plans see schedule below on where to submit your electronic plans based off your type and location.

Plan Type Review location Cost
Road Construction css portal $100.00
Site Development ccs portal for county or eplan solutions for city $100.00
Buildings no more than 5,000sq. ft. ccs portal for county or eplan solutions for city $100.00
Buildings more than 5,000sq. ft. ccs portal for county or eplan solutions for city 2.5¢/sq. ft.
Sprinkler and Standpipe eplan solutions $100.00
Fire Alarm eplan solutions $50.00
Commercial Hood eplan solutions $50.00
Hood Suppression eplan solutions $50.00
Paint Booths ccs portal for county or eplan solutions for city $50.00
Paint Booth Suppression eplan solutions $50.00
Emergency Radio Communication eplan solutions $50.00
High Piled Storage with Racks ccs portal for county or eplan solutions for city $50.00
High Piled Storage without Racks eplan solutions $50.00
Storage Tanks (under 660 gallons) eplan solutions $50.00

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of plan reviews are required by the Fire Safety Division?

Commercial Site Plans- Construction Plans for all newly proposed construction, additions and renovations on commercial structures and multi- family dwellings-fire suppression systems including automatic sprinkler and pre- engineered systems-fire alarms -commercial kitchen hoods-paint booths-storage tanks (under 660 gallons) and high piled storage plans. 

How do I submit plans for review?

All plans for construction projects and all fire specific plans (sprinklers, fire alarms, hoods etc.) within the City of Cumming - submit via ePlan solutions

All fire specific plans in unincorporated areas (sprinklers, fire alarms, hoods etc.) submit via ePlan solutions Forsyth

All other plan types in unincorporated areas- submit via CSS Portal

Can I submit paper plans for review?

The Fire Safety Division requires all plan submittals to be in electronic format. Note: plans will not be reviewed until all fire plan review fees are paid. 

How long does it take for a plan review?

Typically plans will be reviewed within 10 business days from the time the review fee is paid. Plans will not be reviewed prior to payment of the fire review fee.  

How do I pay for plan submittal?

Once plans are received an email containing a link to an invoice will be sent to the project applicant. The invoice link will provide instruction on how to pay electronically with a credit card. To prevent delays, it is imperative that the correct email is listed.  Note: The Fire Safety Division does not accept cash payment. 

How do I request a fire inspection?

You may request fire inspections by calling (678) 455-8072 or by emailing

How far in advance do I need to request a fire inspection?

Two business days. 

How should access to my job site be maintained?

According to NFPA 241, safe and stable emergency access must be maintained.  Contact your individual Fire Inspector for further information. 

Are approved plans required on my job site?

Yes, plans stamped by all applicable departments are required to be onsite available for inspector review.   

What codes do Forsyth County fire inspectors use to inspect?

Does the Fire Safety Division service fire extinguishers?

No, there are several businesses in the area that perform this service. 

Are fire extinguishers recyclable?

Yes, if it’s completely discharged. Use the below link for the contact information of the scrap metal recycling center near you. It is recommended that you contact them first to see if any other modifications need to be made for them to accept it. 

Forsyth County Recycling Centers

How do I schedule the Fire Department to teach my business about fire extinguishers and fire safety?

Please contact the Community Risk Reduction Unit at 678-455-8072 or email them at to schedule. 

What requires special permitting from the Fire Safety Division?

There are several things: Blasting, Raw Wood Operations, Commercial Fireworks, Commercial Burn Pits and some outdoor special events.

I’m a Sub Contractor, should I call for my specific inspections?

We prefer that all inspections be requested by the General Contractor or the lead superintendent of the project. 

When and how will I get my Fire Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion?

Upon successful completion of all required fire inspections and payment of the certificate fee, customers will be emailed the certificate within two business days.  

How do I pay for a Fire Certificate of Occupancy?

After successful completion of all required fire inspections an email containing a link to an invoice will be sent to the person requesting the certificate.   

I have received my Fire Certificate of Occupancy; can I move in?

The Fire C of O alone DOES NOT permit occupancy of a space or building. Before occupying a space or building, you must also obtain approval and/or a C of O from The Forsyth County Department of Economic Development or the City of Cumming Inspections Department.