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Roads & Bridges

Roads & Bridges Division

The division for repair and maintenance of existing county roads and right-of-ways.

Welcome to the Roads and Bridges Division of the Forsyth County Engineering Department.   Our mission is to provide prompt, efficient and economically work with the proper equipment, and skilled and dedicated employees.  We maintain over 1,100 miles of asphalt roads and over 50 miles of gravel roads in Forsyth County.

The Roads and Bridges Division is responsible for, but not limited to: pothole patching, milling and deep-patching operations in conjunction with LARP and county resurfacing contracts, rights-of-way mowing and tree trimming/removal/chipping, drainage ditch and storm water structure repair, cross and side drain repair and replacement, shoulder construction and repair, hydro seeding, preparation and oversight of calcium chloride application to gravel roads, and bridge repair (as needed).

Division personnel also respond to emergencies and natural and man-made disasters 24 hours a day, seven days a week by removing roadway debris resulting from vehicular accidents, clearing storm-related debris from roadways, plowing and spreading salt during ice and snow events, and closing and barricading roads which have been determined to pose a danger to drivers.


Calcium Chloride Treatment

There are still more than 95 gravel roads in the county that the county maintains.  When we have a very dry period in the summer months, these county maintained gravel roads might need a calcium chloride treatment applied in order to help control the dust on these  roads.  This application is done thru our construction operations and is usually done in late summer, early fall.  The calcium chloride treatment is one of the most effective dust control agents in the industry that retains moisture for prolonged periods. It helps to hold down dust and stabilize unpaved road surfaces, creating smooth-riding roads. By maximizing compaction, calcium chloride also provides a longer lasting road saving on aggregate replacement.

Homeowners Associations

We are asking all Home Owners Associations or Managements to follow the below for the maintenance of any decorative trees, shrubs and plants within the county right of way to avoid hazards to the traveling public and school buses.

  • Maintain shrubs one foot beyond the back of the curb or the edge of asphalt on uncurbed streets.
  • Maintain trees and limbs four feet beyond the back of the curb or the edge of asphalt on uncurbed streets.
  • Trim limbs to a minimum fourteen feet above the asphalt grade to prevent damage to larger vehicles.
  • Sidewalks need to be clear of any plants, shrubs, and tree limbs the entire width of the sidewalk.

This is a reminder that our division is not a landscape company.  So for any HOA that can not comply with these, our crews will come and clear any of these objects per the county standards.   If needed you can contact us at (770) 781-2155. 

Inclement Weather Procedures

When inclement weather comes to Forsyth County, the Roads and Bridges Division goal is to make every effort to maintain the traffic flow to as near normal driving conditions as possible. We have in place our first response contacts with the E911/Sheriff’s Department and our division’s emergency shift assignments.

We have a continuous contact with the Forsyth County Emergency Management Agency.

We follow the Forsyth County Inclement Weather Plan while always monitoring the weather and keeping an open communication with the public.

Please see the attached documents that give you detailed information about our procedures. Be sure to contact us if needed at (770) 781-2155.

Milling & Deep Patching

Our responsible for milling and deep-patching operations are in conjunction with the Engineering Department resurfacing contract. This contract is put out for bid each year by the Engineering Department and awarded to a resurfacing contractor. The Engineering Department provides us with the list of roads for this contract which will consist of completing approximately 65 miles of roadway per year. Our crew uses a milling machine which mills out old asphalt at various depths and then reinstalls hot mix asphalt which is placed by a spreader and packed by a vibratory roller. After that process is completed the contractor that was awarded the bid for re-surfacing will place the final topping across the whole road. It can take anywhere from one day to more than a week to complete a large road or neighborhood. Please contact the Engineering Department at 770-781-2165 for any road resurfacing information.

Asphalt Millings

Each year with our milling/deep patching operation we might have an excess of asphalt millings not needed for our stock pile.  When this occurs, we are able to deliver within a close proximity of the milling operation.  This offer is for DELIVERY ONLY and the county WILL NOT SPREAD any material for any reason. Additionally no millings will be loaded onto privately owned vehicles and can not be used for re-sale.  A completed "Right to Enter Agreement" form must be submitted for your request of asphalt millings. The form is available on this web page or at the Engineering Department, 110 East Main Street, Suite 120, Cumming, 30040 (770-781-2165). The form must be completed in full with all the property owners signatures and returned to the Engineering Department. Once approved, these forms are sent to the Roads and Bridges division and added to a contact listing for asphalt millings. The location for dumping must be identified on the "Right to Enter Agreement" and be clearly marked at the physical site before any millings can be delivered.

Road Maintenance & Work Request

We work daily with the public and other county departments on road maintenance and work requests to cover the more than 3,500 county maintained roads.

In need of work on a county maintained road?
You can contact us at (770) 781-2155 or you can email your request to Jessica Harkins @  We have different crews assigned to do their daily work along with these work requests for the county maintained roads and right of ways.

These are some of the work requests we receive: asphalt patch for pot holes, shoulder repair, cut right of way site distance, debris removal, litter pick up, pick up dead animals, tree removal, tree trimming, herbicide spray, minor bridge repair, curb & gutter, cross drain, pull ditch, side drain, storm structure, jett pipe, scrape, gravel, sink holes, sidewalk repair.

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