Right of Way Supervisor

Lynnette Weldy, SR/WA, R/W-NAC, C.P.

Phone: 770-781-2165 

Fax :     770-781-2104

Email : loweldy@forsythco.com

Right of Way Sr. Admin Specialist

Jennifer Rush

Extension 2601

Email : jgrush@forsythco.com

Right of Way Assistant

Alisa Garner

Extension 2778

Email : afgarner@forsythco.com

Right of Way Assistant

Lori Almond

Extension 2318

Email : lralmond@forsythco.com

The Right of Way Division provides information, education, guidance, leadership, support, and direction for right of way project acquisitions, road abandonments, right of way land swaps, private road dedications, and right of way and easement research for County transportation projects, County officials and departments, and the public professionally, respectfully, and with integrity. Right of Way acquires the necessary land and easements to build and maintain the County’s infrastructure following local, state, and federal laws, policies, and guidelines and more specifically, by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the Constitution. Right of Way researches, maintains, and provides information in a timely manner on roads, sidewalks, various easements, and greenways as requested by Government officials, Forsyth County citizens, attorneys, surveyors, and the public in general.
















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Our Mission

The Department of Engineering represents a functional grouping of divisions meeting a common goal - to provide for the county's infrastructure needs through proper placement and maintenance of roadways, drainage structures, pedestrian walks, and traffic control devices. Our mission is to put citizens first as we promote the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Forsyth County.