Film and Video Production Permit

A Film and Video Production Permit is required for any person or company producing a film, television or video production within Forsyth County. A $100 permit fee must accompany the application and may be paid by cash or check.

If you are interested in obtaining a Film and Video Production Permit, please complete the application and release agreement below. These documents must be returned to the Department of Planning and Community Development at 110 East Main Street, Suite 100, Cumming, GA 30040. Some exemptions to the application requirement may be allowed based on the location and scope of production, so please contact Joshua Macbeth at (678) 455-8397 or Sonia Linton at (770) 205-4572 to discuss the application process.

Forsyth County looks forward to serving the film and video industry through a coordinated team approach so that applications are processed quickly to accommodate production needs. Staff strongly suggests applications be submitted a minimum of 7 to 10 days prior to anticipated production dates to allow adequate time for this processing.

Film and Video Production Permit Application.pdf
Forsyth County Release Agreement.pdf