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Meals on Wheels Volunteer Delivers Smiles and Service during Volunteer Month

A knock at the door might not be a big deal to many people. But according to Meals on Wheels, a knock at the door can signal the arrival of a friendly face bringing nutrition and care directly to a senior’s home.  

Forsyth County resident and Meals on Wheels volunteer Marian Guess knows the power of a knock all too well, as she has been ringing bells and knocking on doors for many years.  

“Well, believe it or not, it’s actually been about 45 years,” she said. “From the very beginning, I just thought it would be a good idea to be able to give back to some people.” 

Guess started volunteering for Meals on Wheels when she lived in DeKalb County, delivering “all over Decatur, Stone Mountain and Lilburn.” 

When she moved to Forsyth County 13 years ago, she continued her service with Meals on Wheels through Forsyth County Senior Services, delivering “hearty and yummy” meals to seniors.  

“They are just wonderful people that run Meals on Wheels in Forsyth County,” Guess said. “They’re really organized and just amazing people. Really, just the best folks.” 

While Guess has enjoyed getting to know other volunteers in the County, she has loved meeting the seniors on her route even more.  

“Meals on Wheels is just so rewarding,” she said. “You’re giving to seniors, but really, they give so much more to you.” 

In her 13 years of service in the County, Guess has driven many different routes, delivered a variety of meals and met countless smiling faces.  

She has formed bonds with people she would not have otherwise met outside of Meals on Wheels, bonds she said would last a lifetime.  

Plus, she added, she can give you directions to anywhere in the County now after so many deliveries. 

“Volunteering with Meals on Wheels has been wonderful,” Guess said. “It’s very upsetting that I’m retiring.” 

After almost 50 years of service, Guess is retiring from volunteering with Meals on Wheels. She said it was difficult to let Forsyth County Senior Services know about her retirement because she was going to miss the other volunteers and seniors on her route.  

But she’ll still carry the many memories she’s made as a volunteer with her in her retirement, she said.  

“I think everybody ought to volunteer with Meals on Wheels, even just one time to just see how people live,” Guess said. “But then I think you’ll keep doing it after the first time. I think you’ll absolutely love it.”

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