Waterline Extension Policy/Petition

Property that is within the Forsyth County Water & Sewer Department (FCWSD) service boundary, and is not currently served by the department, may be eligible to petition to have Forsyth County water service added. 

To determine if a property is within the County’s water service area, please click here. 

The below Waterline Extension Policy establishes the parameters for addressing ad hoc petitions for waterline extensions that are not specified in the FCWSD capital improvement plan. A petition for service is also found in the link below. 

  Waterline Extension Policy/Petition

Petitions for county water should be submitted to the Director, Forsyth County Water & Sewer Department, 110 East Main Street, Suite 150, Cumming, GA  30040.

All petitions for waterline extension will be evaluated on an annual basis. Exceptions may be granted based on special circumstances as determined by the FCWSD and approved by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners. The FCWSD will review each petition to estimate the cost and financial viability of the proposed waterline extension. A recommendation to approve or deny each petition will be made to the Board of Commissioners annually based on the business case and priority of the petition. Full details, including the criteria for petition prioritization, can be found in the waterline extension policy. The new waterline extension policy was approved by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners during their May 6, 2021 meeting. 

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