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All applications for Rezoning, Conditional Use Permit, Sketch Plat, Home Occupation Permit, Mobile Vending Permit, Zoning Condition Amendment and Alternate Design are to be submitted electronically through the Forsyth County online Customer Self-Service portal (CSS). The online CSS portal allows customers to submit applications and make Visa/Mastercard payments electronically.  Staff is available to assist applicants with electronic submittals.

Application Forms

Alternate Design Request
Applicant Certification for Alternate Design
Applicant Certification for Home Occupation Permit
Applicant Certification for Mobile Vending Permit
Applicant Certification for Rezoning, Conditional Use Permit and Sketch Plat
Applicant Certification for Zoning Condition Amendment
Corporate Company Disclosure
Electronic Submittal Contact Form
Property Owner Authorization
Public Notice Sign Affidavit (Rezoning, CUP, HOP, Mobile Vending and Sketch Plat)
Public Notice Sign Affidavit (Zoning Condition Amendment and Alternate Design)
Senior Housing
Traffic Study Waiver
Variance Request
Zoning Condition Amendment

Application Guides

Alternate Design
Home Occupation Permit
Mobile Vending Permit
Rezoning and Conditional Use Permit
Sketch Plat
Zoning Condition Amendment

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

In Process Zoning Applications

In-Process Zoning Applications

Public Hearings and Meetings

2024 Schedule Calendars

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