Welcome to the McFarland-Stoney Point LCI within Forsyth County.


The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners adopted the McFarland-Stoney Point LCI Plan on April 13, 2006. The mandatory 5 year update was adopted on March 17, 2011, so that Forsyth County may continue to be eligible for future LCI-related funding opportunities.


The LCI initiative assumes that linking land-use planning with greater transportation options makes for more "livable" communities. Better design can also help achieve sustainable communities valued for their accessibility, mix of land uses and high quality of living. ARC awards millions of dollars to communities making progress in achieving Livable Centers and Forsyth County wishes to pursue those monies as they become available.Please see the documents at the bottom of this page for a map of the McFarland-Stoney Point LCI Study Area and the Final Study and Recommendations. 


The BOC conducted three public hearings on the final LCI documents on February 2, March 2, and April 13, 2006. These documents were prepared after several months of study, five public meetings and monthly Core Committee meetings. A consultant team of transportation, design, land-use and market experts conducted the study, engaging the community in the planning process via interviews and public meetings.


A Core Committee of residents, business owners and government officials oversaw the LCI study through monthly meetings and coordination with the consultant team. The LCI was funded by an 80/20 match-grant from the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and administered through the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).


Also see the Atlanta Regional Commission web site to learn about LCI successes around the region and explore citizen-planning resources.


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