Forsyth County Response to COVID-19

Information on County Departmental operations, online services and closures can be found here: page also contains links to state and national resources and information regarding the pandemic.

The May 28, 9 a.m. Forsyth County Finance Committee meeting will be held via teleconference, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-14-1(g).  The meeting will be live streamed on the County’s YouTube channel:

Proposed UDC Changes

Adopted Design Requirements

Design requirements within UDC Chapter 11 have been adopted, but will not become effective until December 6, 2019.  The drafts below reflect the adopted standards that will be formally published within the UDC on December 6th. 

County-wide Design Standards 6.6.19

County-wide Design Standards 9.5.19 

Southeast Forsyth Design Standards

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Notice of Upcoming Virtual Public Hearing Procedures and Various UDC Modifications


The Forsyth County Planning Commission is the designated body to hold public hearings for amendments to the unified development code (UDC), amendments to the official zoning map, applications for conditional use permits, home occupation permits, and applications for variances on property considered simultaneously for rezoning.  The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing for the applications below on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic; the March 14, 2020 Executive Order issued by Governor Kemp declaring a Public Health State of Emergency through April 13, 2020, which was extended through May 13, 2020; the April 2, 2020 Executive Order issued by Governor Kemp ordering citizens to “shelter in place” through April 13, 2020, which order was extended through April 30, 2020; and the associated Resolution Declaring a Local Emergency approved by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners on March 19, 2020 (presently set to expire May 18, 2020), the Tuesday May 19, 2020 Planning Commission  meeting will be held via streaming audio and video, as authorized by O.C.G.A. 50-14-1(g).  The meeting will be streamed online for real time viewing at  IMPORTANT: The advertised public hearing will occur on a date beyond the present date by which the Governor and the County’s declared emergencies expire.  Nonetheless, and irrespective of whether the declaration of emergency is extended, it is extremely likely that the physical assembly at agency meetings will not yet have been resumed and that a remote, streaming meeting will be required.  As such, this legal ad assumes that this public hearing will occur via remote assembly with public access via online streaming.  As the date of the public hearing draws closer, members of the public are strongly encouraged to view the Forsyth County website for updates on any changes as to how this meeting will occur.

If you wish to speak at the public hearing held by the Planning Commission, you may do so either by phone or access via the Zoom App.  To participate by phone, please call the number below and enter the requested access code prior to or immediately after the public hearing agenda item is called.  
Phone Number: (929) 205-6099 
Meeting Access Code: 822 1456 3215

To access via the Zoom App, go to on the internet and, if prompted, click on “Open Zoom Meetings”.  NOTE:  If you choose to participate in the public hearing via the Zoom app, you will be required to provide your name and email address as part of the registration process.  No registration is required if you choose to participate solely by phone. 

During the meeting, the chairperson will call the agenda items individually and ask staff to present the proposed UDC amendment.  After staff has presented, the chairperson will then ask if there is anyone wishing to speak in favor of the application.  At that point, citizens wishing to speak in favor should then press *9 on their phone or click the “raise hand” button on the Zoom App.   The moderator will indicate to the chairperson that there are X number of people to speak in favor.  The callers will then be unmuted one at a time with a notification to the caller that their line has been unmuted.  The caller that has been unmuted will be asked to state their name and address for the record, and after doing so the caller may speak.  Once the time for those speaking “in favor” has expired, the chairperson will ask if there is anyone wishing to speak in opposition to the application and the same process for selecting speakers will be used for those speaking in opposition until their time has expired.

The draft language may be viewed online at If you have any questions, please contact staff at 770-781-2115 during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). 

Amendments related to non-conforming uses and buildings in Chapters 10 and 3.  Click here to view draft.

Amendments related to breweries and distilleries in Chapter 14.  Click here to review draft.

Amendments related to construction parking in Chapters 17 and 18.  Click here to review draft.

Amendment related to fencing requirements in Chapter 21.  Click here to review draft.

Amendment related to open storage yards in Chapter 3.  Click here to review draft.

Amendments related to editorial clarifications for residential performance standards with regards to senior housing as well as public participation letter requirements for rezonings, conditional use permits and sketch plats in Chapters 8, 11 and 16.  Click here to review draft. 

Amendments related to editorial clarifications for applicant initiated postponements with regard to appeals of administrative decisions in Chapter 8.  Click here to review draft.

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