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Various Forsyth County Boards and Commissions will be meeting via teleconference, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-14-1(g).  Please click here for information on how to view, access and participate in these meetings.


Forsyth County Digital Plan Submission

We are proud to offer two options for plan review submittals.  You may submit plans either in-person with paper plans or electronically.  For your convenience you can use ePlan Solutions to submit your plans electronically.  No other form type of electronic submittal will be accepted.

For submittal details visit ePlan Solutions website.  This is a third party company and a submittal fee will be required for electronic use.  No additional application form will be required when submitting through ePlan as the information uploaded will be used as an application for the submittal process.

All Planning & Community Development plan review fees will be due at the time of submittal and can be submitted as cash, check, or Visa/Mastercard.  Payments can be mailed, called in, or dropped off during business hours. If using a Visa or Mastercard, please complete a bankcard transaction form.  Please be advised paper plans will still be required to be printed once electronically stamped 'Approved' for use in the field.

EPS User Guide

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The following project types are accepted for electronic plan review:

  • As-Built Plan
  • Building Plan
  • Clear & Grubbing and/or Grading Plan
  • Final Plat
  • Lot Grading Plan
  • Minor Plat
  • Road Construction Plan
  • Sanitary Sewer Plan 
  • Sign Review
  • Site Development Plan

Commercial Plan Review
When submitting building plans through ePlan, please group the submittals in groups of related plans. Examples include:

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing 

Once your plans are approved see our Commercial Building Permit page on how to receive your permit. At that time approved paper plans will be required to be printed for use in the field.

Land Development and Residential
When submitting plans through  ePlan, please group the submittals in groups of related plans. Examples include:

  • Cover Sheet
  • Zoning Requirements
  • Boundary and Topographic Survey
  • Sketch Plat
  • Site Plan
  • Erosion / Sedimentation
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Storm Sewer
  • Utility Plans
  • Landscaping and Tree Protection Plans

The files will be regrouped alphanumerically, so choose a naming scheme that will arrange files correctly. Ex: 01_Cover_ProjectName, 02_Site_ProjectName.

Any files which are not part of the civil plan set should be loaded into Open Files. Hydrology reports, comment responses, and metadata files are some examples of items to be uploaded to Open Files.

For the other types of reviews including Lot Grading Plans, Minor Plats and Fire Marshal Plan Reviews, go to the  website and follow the directions.

For ePlan help, email

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Our Mission

Our department's mission is to develop partnerships with all members of the community in an effort to provide valuable planning and development services that promote quality development and help create communities that will be enjoyed for generations to come.