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Forsyth County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

The Zoning Board of Appeals, also known as the ZBA, is a quasi-judicial board that is appointed by the Board of Commissioners. Although each member is appointed to represent a specific Commission District (by the individual District Commissioner), they vote on all applications for all districts. The ZBA is tasked with holding a public hearing on all appeals of administrative decisions and all variances; with the exception of variance requests that would simultaneously apply to four (4) or more existing or proposed lots or units within a single subdivision, or for variance requests that were filed and scheduled to be considered simultaneously and pertaining to the same property with another application in which the authority to hold the public hearing rests with either the Planning Commission or Board of Commissioners. The ZBA does have decision making authority; however their decisions may be appealed to the Board of Commissioners.

Effective January 1, 2021, all applications for variances are to be submitted electronically through the Forsyth County online Customer Self Service portal (CSS).  The online CSS portal allows customers to submit applications and make Visa/Mastercard payments electronically.

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Administrative Variances

No variance shall be approved administratively by the director unless the requested variance does not vary the standard set forth in the Unified Development Code by more than fifteen (15) percent and only for the following performance standards:

    a) Maximum building height
    b) Building setbacks
    c) Building separation
    d) The following buffers:
          (i) Residential Exterior
          (ii) Georgia Highway 400
          (iii) Large Scale Retail
          (iv) Senior Housing
          (v) Side and Rear

Staff Contact

Linda Brown | Planner I
Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
110 E. Main Street, Suite 100 
| Cumming, Georgia 30040
(770) 781-2115 ext. 2689


Susan Green | Planner II
Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
110 E. Main Street, Suite 100
| Cumming, Georgia 30040
(770) 205-4565 direct 
(770) 781-2115 main
Lori Kyle | Planning Manager
Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
110 E. Main Street, Suite 100 
| Cumming, Georgia 30040
(770) 205-4524 direct 
| (770) 781-2115 main


Zoning Board of Appeals Members

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 Address: 110 East Main Street
Suite 100
Cumming, GA 30040
 Phone: 770-781-2115
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Our Mission

Our department's mission is to develop partnerships with all members of the community in an effort to provide valuable planning and development services that promote quality development and help create communities that will be enjoyed for generations to come.