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Various Forsyth County Boards and Commissions will be meeting via teleconference, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 50-14-1(g).  Please click here for information on how to view, access and participate in these meetings.


Development Review Division & Development Inspections Division

The Development Review & Inspections Divisions ensure the implementation of the policies adopted by the Board of Commissioners while providing professional land planning services to facilitate sustainable growth through effective plan review and land development permitting.  

The following descriptions will assist you in navigating each Division's Web pages.

Land Disturbance Permit & Plat Information

  • Land Disturbance Permit or Land Development Permit (LDP): A type of permitting for residential, commercial, and industrial zonings. We offer several different types of LDPs:  Site Development (SD), Road Construction (RC), Clearing, Grading and/or Grubbing (CG) and Sanitary Sewer (SW)
  • Within the LDP process we have two types of recorded document processes: As-Builts (AS) and Final Plats (FP)
  • Information about electronic submittals

  • Submittal deadlines

  • Links to checklists and applications

  • Submittal deadlines

  • Forsyth County Tree Protection and Replacement Ordinance

  • Landscape Guide

  • Buffer Standards

  • Recommended Plant List

  • Tree/Landscape Plan Review Checklist

  • Tree Care Information

    Variances, Appeals & other Public Hearing Information

  • Forsyth County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

  • Sign Affidavit Submittal form (ZBA)
  • Public Hearing Calendar (ZBA)
  • Variance Applications
  • Owner Authorization Form
  • Corporate / Company Disclosure - Supplemental Application
  • Medical Hardship – Supplemental Application
  • Stream Buffer Variance – Supplemental Application
  • Appeal of an Administrative Decision Application

Administrative Variance

  • A variance of up to 15% may be requested administratively

  • Maximum Building Height

  • Building Setbacks

  • Buffers

Planning GIS Viewer  

  • Research Public Hearing applications or Land Development Permits and Plats spatially

  • Infrastructure layers for the development community

  • Streets, tax map & parcels, aerial images, etc.

     Lori Kyle | Planning Manager, Development Review Division
     Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
     110 E. Main Street, Suite 100 
    | Cumming, Georgia 30040
     (770) 205-4524 direct 
    | (770) 781-2115 main

           Sharon O. Farrell Planning Manager, Development Inspection Division
           Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
           514 W. Maple Street, Suite 302 | Cumming, Georgia 30040
           (678) 513-5946 direct | (770) 781-2115 main



Contact Us

 Address: 110 East Main Street
Suite 100
Cumming, GA 30040
 Phone: 770-781-2115
 Email: Contact Us

Our Mission

Our department's mission is to develop partnerships with all members of the community in an effort to provide valuable planning and development services that promote quality development and help create communities that will be enjoyed for generations to come.