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Development Checklists

In order to facilitate easier plan processing, it is highly recommended that developers review all the attached applicable checklists, as these are the checklists that each Reviewing Department will use to review your submittal. Reviewing Departments include County Arborist, City of Cumming, Code Enforcement, Engineering, Fire Marshal's Office, GIS Department, NRCS, Planning & Community Development, Tax Assessor's Office, Water & Sewer.

It is recommended that you download the checklist from this website each time you prepare plans, as checklists are frequently updated.

GIS Data Requirements

Forsyth County GIS Digital Data has a new data requirement that will be enforced for all final plats submitted after November 26th, 2018. Any projects submitted during the grace period up to this date that do not have the following layer: “LOT_AREA” will be will still pass our review. All projects submitted after this date will require this new layer. Please review our digital submission requirements and metadata for more information, or contact us at or at 770-781-2108.

Planning & Community Development

Planning Commercial Plan Review Checklist
Planning Peachtree Parkway Overlay Checklist
Planning Coal Mountain Overlay Checklist
Planning Atlanta-Mullinax-McFarland Overlay Checklist
Planning Buford / Canton Highway Overlay District Checklist
Planning LDP Route Sheet
Planning Large Scale Retail LDP Checklist
Planning Minor Plat Checklist for Commercial and Industrial
Planning Minor Plat Review Checklist for A1 and Residential
Planning South Forsyth Commercial Design Standards
Planning Agricultural Site Development Checklist
Planning As-Built Checklist
Planning Clearing & Grading Plan Review Checklist
Planning Commercial Site Development Checklist
Planning County Wide Road Construction Checklist
Planning Southeast Forsyth Road Construction Checklist
Planning Industrial District Site Development Checklist
Planning Sewer Plan Checklist
Planning Final Plat Checklist
Planning Recreational Amenity Plan Checklist

County Arborist

Planning Forsyth County Buffer Standards
Planning Forsyth County Recommended Plant List
Planning Tree Plan and Landscape Checklist

Department of Engineering

Final Plat Checklist
Minor Subdivision Plat Checklist
Commercial As-Built Checklist
Stormwater Checklist
Preliminary Subdivision Checklist
Clearing & Grading Checklist
Commercial Site Plan Checklist
LGP Checklist
Wall Plan Checklist

Board of Assessors

tax checklist

GIS Department

GIS_SD_Checklist_Single Building
GIS_SD_Checklist_Multiple Buildings

Water & Sewer Engineering Checklists

Commercial Site Plan Review Checklist
Water & Sewer Construction Notes
Minor Plat Checklist
Final Plat Checklist
As-Built Checklist
Preliminary Subdivision Checklist

Building & Economic Development

Building Plan Review Checklist

Environmental Health

Environmental Health Subdivision Plan Checklist

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Common Development Construction Projects Checklist
Common Development Construction Projects Checklist_Guidance
Infrastructure Construction Projects Checklist
Infrastructure Construction Projects Checklist_Guidance
Stand Alone Construction Projects Checklist
Stand Alone Construction Projects Checklist_Guidance
Appendix 1

Fire Department

Site Plan Review Checklist Forsyth