To schedule an inspection or view inspection results you can go to our online inspection service eStatus, Alternately from the Forsyth County home page on the right side you can get there using the services page.

Once you are on the eStatus webpage and you have entered your permit number, click search, it will then bring up the past history of inspections. If there are inspections that can be set up, there will be links with the words saying Schedule Inspection. You will also need your Forsyth County business license registration number, or if it is a self work permit, use the words "owner" instead. Click on Schedule Inspection. A box will pop up showing you the permit number and next available date for the inspection. Fill in the information in the lines provided including notes for the inspection i.e. gate codes, use back door, etc. then click schedule now. It should then show you the history again and the inspection that you just requested being Scheduled. If it does not there could be a fail at the top of the screen or a error page, there could be multiple reasons why this happened. Business license not up to date, permit has been put on hold, etc. In either case if the inspection that you need is not able to be scheduled, you can email your request to Please also email third party inspection documents to this address as well.

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Our department's mission is to develop partnerships with all members of the community in an effort to provide valuable planning and development services that promote quality development and help create communities that will be enjoyed for generations to come.