Commercial Plan Review

The Commercial Plan Review Division is responsible for the review and authorization to permit the construction of commercial buildings, commercial structures, and commercial interior projects located in unincorporated Forsyth County. Commercial buildings include all buildings or structures other than one and two family dwellings or townhomes. Commercial structures include site retaining walls, cell tower installations and signage foundations.

For projects that involve exterior work, submit exterior building elevations with an exterior finish schedule, roof plan, architectural lighting plan and sample board. Please note that a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) must be applied for prior to submitting for shell, new structure, addition or foundation. The LDP and Building Plan Review applications may take place concurrently and changes to civil drawings during the LDP process may impact building plans.  It is the applicant's responsibility to coordinate these changes and update the plans accordingly.

Complete Plan Review Application:

Forsyth County offers applicants the convenience to have commercial building plans reviewed concurrent with land disturbance plans and reviews by other departments.  While the department may provide comments on plans submitted for concurrent review, an application for plans review is not deemed complete unless it is accompanied by a complete application, affidavit, plans, paid fees, approvals from all other departments required to review the plans, which may include, but not limited to; the Water/Sewer Department, Health Department, Fire Marshal and Current Planning, and, if required, approval of a land disturbance permit.

To prevent unnecessary delays in the review process it is important that building plans are complete so a Building Plan Review Checklist has been provided.

Please read through each process below before you decide the method for submitting your plans;  once you decide, you will need to use that method through the completion of the project. 

Digital Submittal

Digital submittals are processed through ePlan Solutions, who charge a processing fee. The building plan review fee must be paid at the initial plan submittal.  Building permit and impact fees for all permits will be collected at the time the permit is issued. Please see the Planning & Community Development ​​​​​Fee Schedule.

When submitting through ePlans, submit drawings as one file in PDF format.  If file is too large, group the submittals into files of Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing. Visit our Commercial Building Permit page for steps to obtain your permit after plans have been approved.

Two printed copies with all approval stamps are required to be submitted to obtain a permit.

Paper Submittal 

Step 1 - Plan Submittal

The deadline for submittals (including revisions) is Friday by 4:00 PM. If the offices are closed Friday, plans and supporting documents must be submitted by 4:00 PM the prior business day.

(3) Three sets of plans along with a Plan Review Application should be delivered to Planning & Community Development.

      110 E Main Street, Suite 100, Cumming GA 30040

(1) One set to the Fire Marshal's office (visit the Fire Marshal's webpage for details on their requirements for paper submittals).

      3520 Settingdown Rd, Cumming GA 30028

(1) One set to Environmental Health (visit the Environmental Health webpage for details on their requirements).

      309 Pirkle Ferry Rd, Bldg D Suite 500, Cumming GA 30040

The building plan review fee must be paid at the initial plan submittal.  Building permit and impact fees for all permits will be collected at the time the permit is issued. Please see the Planning & Community Development Fee Schedule.

When plans are submitted, a plan status checklist will be sent to applicant's email address with the deadline date by which a response should be received.

Step 2 - Receiving Responses

You will receive one of the responses below from each department on or before your deadline date:

  • Comments – Details of corrections that need to be made to plans
  • No Comments No further action is required from that department

If you receive a "No Comment" response from each of the departments, then all departments have approved the plan "as is" and no corrections are required by the designer. Two of the original sets of plans will be taken to the Tuesday review meeting for approval stamps from all departments.

Step 3 - The Plan Review Meeting

Plan Review meetings take place on Tuesdays. We will contact you by email when the plans are ready for permitting. If the offices are closed on a Tuesday for a holiday, then the meeting will be conducted the prior business day. Applicants' attendance is optional.

Step 4 - Permit Issuance

When you receive notification that your plans are approved, please visit our Commercial Building Permit page for steps to obtain your permit. 

Plan Revision Review - Inspectors have the option in the field to accept minor changes provided those changes are in a document stamped by the designer. To revise a plan that has been permitted and is currently under construction, you must submit a Building Plan Review Application and follow the steps above for paper plan submittals.  Revisions for electronic submittals will need to be created under original project to include a narrative of changes uploaded to the Open Files section.

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