Important news about 2021 Assessment Notices

On May 24, 2021 the Forsyth County Board of Tax Assessors mailed the state-required annual assessment notice to all people who own real property in Forsyth County. The last day to file an appeal on real estate will be July 08, 2021. 

The Personal Property notices will be mailed on June 21, 2021. 

It is important for Forsyth County property and business owners to realize the assessment notice is not a bill. The dollar amount included on this informational notice is purely an estimate. It is based on the previous year's millage rate and is subject to change before the actual tax bill goes out later in the year.

Click here to access a copy of your 2021 assessment notice, you can search your parcel by name, address or parcel number.  When you retrieve the parcel information the 2021 Assessment notice can be found by clicking on the link located to the right, on the blue bar just below the owner and parcel information section.

Appeal Process

Property owners will have the opportunity to appeal their property value as shown in the assessment notice for 45 days after the date of the notice. We offer an online filing option which will also give you the opportunity to look at other comparable properties, and gives you the ability to file an appeal without the necessity of coming into the Tax Assessors Office.  Please click here and you will be taken to a screen to search your parcel by name, address or parcel number.  Once you have located your parcel, you will see the Online Appeal option.

The appeal process contains three different options for property owners. One option is the Board of Equalization, which is comprised of three citizens appointed by the Grand Jury to hear property tax appeals. There is no charge for this option of the appeal process.

Other appeal options contain fees. In one such option, a property owner may choose to move forward with the process of arbitration without an appeal to Superior Court. Another appeal option would involve an owner of a Non-Homestead property valued at more than $500,000 deciding to appeal to a hearing officer with appeal rights to Superior Court.

Property owners wishing to appeal their property value must submit the appeal in writing and should indicate which appeal process they elect to utilize.


 Undeliverable Assessment Notices are assessment notices that were returned by the United States Postal Service as being undeliverable. Every attempt has been made to determine the correct mailing address and in some cases re-mailed only to have some notices returned again. The following list is all those assessment notices which have been returned so far and considered undeliverable. Per Georgia Code Section 48-5-306 a public list of undeliverable assessment notices are posted on the second floor of the Forsyth County Administration Building, Tax Assessors office. Click the link below for the listing of the 2019 returned assessment notices:

/Portals/0/Documents/BoardOfAssessors/Returned Notices/Returned Notice Listing.pdf

Notices were posted on Monday, October 19, 2020


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Our Mission

The mission of Forsyth County's Tax Assessors Office is to produce an annual tax digest that conforms to the requirements of Georgia law and the rules and regulations of the Georgia Department of Revenue. The Board ofTax Assessors is responsible for determining what real and personal property is subject to taxation in Forsyth County, estimating the market value and administration of the various type of homestead and other property tax exemptions.