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Drug Court

Drug Court

Did you know that only 10% of people with drug and alcohol addiction actually get help? 

Alcohol and drug addiction are highly destructive forces in people’s lives. You can lose everything you value and it can cause a great deal of harm to your loved ones. Addiction doesn’t discriminate based on occupation, income, race, culture or personal willpower. Addiction changes the brain’s chemistry so that addicts continue to use despite the negative consequences. Studies show recovery is a long-term commitment. The Forsyth County Drug Court Program assists individuals with establishing a solid foundation in recovery by combining accountability through drug screening and regular court appearances with treatment services. We connect individuals with needed resources as well as providing linkage to community supports. 

Anyone referred to Drug Court will first meet with the drug court defense attorney unless represented by their own attorney. The attorney can evaluate your legal situation and provide guidance and feedback about the program and your decision to enter. 

The program is a minimum of 24 months (not to exceed 4 years) and consists of five phases. The individuals learn about addiction, coping skills, relapse prevention, co-occurring disorders, addictive thinking, self-esteem, and many other topics. Individual counseling is available to all participants as well as group counseling.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Current felony drug charge and other charges as identified by the District Attorney’s Office* 
  • Meet clinical criteria for substance abuse or dependence, with a focus on moderate to high risk/need offenders 
  • Will consider felony convictions* 
  • At least 19 years old and not currently enrolled in high school
  • Presence in United States is legally documented 

Probation Eligibility 

  • Must test positive for alcohol/drugs, obtain new alcohol/drug-related offenses, or refuse to provide specimen to be tested for alcohol/drugs 
  • Must have at least 36 months left on probation sentence to complete Drug Court program 
  • Must have at least 30 months left on probation sentence to receive Maximum Benefits Certificate 
  • Upon entry into Drug Court, these individuals will serve 60 days in the county jail, from the date of arrest if they previously declined Drug Court. Additionally, their community service will be waived and they will receive dollar for dollar credit on their fines. If referred after previously declining on a probation revocation, must complete the RSAT program before Drug Court entry; such referrals are at the discretion of the Probation Office. 
  • Must have no prior violent felony convictions 
  • Meet clinical criteria for substance abuse or dependence 
  • Must be at least 19 years old and not currently enrolled in high school

*The District Attorney may use discretion on any referrals deemed appropriate for consideration in the Drug Court Program  

Disqualification Criteria 

  • Violent convictions or history 
  • Multiple felony convictions as deemed inappropriate for the program by the District Attorney’s Office 
  • Involvement in sale or distribution of drugs 
  • Severe and/or untreated mental/physical health problem which would impede their ability to actively participate in and complete the intensive program 
  • Presence in the United States is not legally documented

Drug Court Files

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Drug Court Handbook 11-23 Download
Graduation Packet Download
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Phase-up Request 1-2 Download
Phase-up Request 2-3 Download
Phase-up Request 3-4 Download
Phase-up Request 4-5 Download
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