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 Our mission is to protect the environment by complying with, or exceeding, all state and federal regulations governing the operation of Forsyth County’s Water Reclamation Facilities. 

Water Treatment and Reclamation

Have you ever wondered what happens to water once it leaves your home, school or business?  Some homes use septic systems to process the water.  Other homes, schools and businesses send their water through the county's sanitary sewerage system, where it is cleaned and returned to the environment.  The Water Environment Federation has created a flyer with information on how this process works.  Click here to learn more!

Grease Trap Compliance

It shall be unlawful for any food service establishment to discharge or cause to be discharged, any processing wastewater which contains oils, grease, solids, or liquids sufficient to cause obstruction or otherwise interfere with the proper operation of the publicly owned treatment works (POTW).

IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE GENERATOR, THE CREATOR OF THE WASTE TO: Ensure the transporter of the waste from his/her facility is licensed by the governing authority.Be sure that the transporter presents a “manifest” at the time of pumping to document it and maintain for review by governing inspectors.

This record will be used to reconcile the copy received after disposal.Visually inspect oil/grease interceptor after pumping to verify all contents have been removed. DO NOT ALLOW SKIMMING!! Be aware that some haulers will dump the previous load in your manhole. If this creates a problem you will be liable for the sewer line repair. Use only approved bacterial cultures for routine maintenance. Emulsifying chemicals WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Be sure to receive your disposal part of the manifest. It is your record of where, when and how much waste was properly disposed of. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO KEEP THESE RECORDS.

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Our Mission

To provide Forsyth County with the highest quality of water and sewer service through progressive leadership and environmental stewardship.