Effective Friday March 1, 2013 House Bill 386 removed both sales-tax and annual ad valorem taxes from vehicles purchased 03/01/13 and thereafter, and replaced them with a single, one-time Title Ad Valorem Tax (“TAVT”).


The TAVT amount is calculated at 6.6% of the higher of (1) vehicle sale price, (2) vehicle fair-market-value, or for leased vehicles, (3) the total of monthly lease payments.


TAVT must be paid prior to the issuance of a Georgia Title & License Plate. 

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  • TAVT applies to vehicles purchased from individuals (known as private-sales), as well as those purchased from dealerships and other businesses.
  • TAVT is not an annual tax – it is charged to the purchaser at such time the vehicle is sold & re-titled.
  • Any trade-in value, rebate, or cash discount is deducted from the vehicle’s taxable value prior to calculating the amount of TAVT due (excluding leased vehicles). 


  • A vehicle purchased prior to March 01, 2013 currently subject to annual ad valorem tax will continue to be taxed as such until the vehicle is sold & re-titled.
  • All other existing annual vehicle registration requirements, including annual tag renewal fees, decals, and emission tests (if applicable), remain in effect for all vehicles.




Both Registration and Title for a newly purchased motor vehicle from a source other than a registered dealer must be applied for at the new owner's County Tag Office no later than seven (7) business days after the Date of Purchase.  The new seven (7) day requirement is contained in Georgia Law (O.C.G.A. 40-2-29) and replaces the former thirty (30) day requirement for making an application for title and registration.

If the Certificate of Title is in the possession of a security interest or lien holder at the time of application, The County Tag Office may issue a temporary license plate, valid for thirty (30) days.  If the transferor does not provide a title to the transferee within five (5) days prior to the expiration of the initial thirty (30) day temporary license plate, the County Tag Office may issue a single thirty (30) day extention of the temporary license plate.


The owner of a motor vehicle purchased from a registered dealer will be issued a dealer temporary license plate from the registered dealer at the time of purchase.  The temporary license plate is valid for thirty (30) days.

Only a temporary license plate issued by a registered dealer or the County Tag Office is considered valid.  Any other type of temporary license plate ("Tag Applied For", etc.) is considered unlawful.  Operation of a motor vehicle displaying a non-valid license plate or non-valid temporary license plate shall be punishable as a misdemeanor subject to fines.


Vehicles new to Georgia must be titled and registered within 30 days of the date Georgia residency is established. Out of State registrations expire 30 days after your move to GA, regardless of the expiration date of the out of state registration. Only two exceptions apply - non-resident military personnel and full-time college students.

Individuals moving to Georgia have 30 calendar days after establishing residency to title and register their vehicles.

Residents moving to Georgia will pay a one-time Title Ad Valorem Tax (TAVT) equaling 3% of vehicle value when applying for a Georgia title and registration. Vehicles registered beyond 30 days from date of residency are subject to a $10 late title penalty, as well as a TAVT penalty of 10% of the principle TAVT due (an additional 1% will apply for each subsequent month past-due).    To obtain a TAVT estimate for your vehicle, please visit the Georgia Department of Revenues online TAVT estimator here.

  • If you have a lienholder: The Georgia title will be held electronically until the loan is paid off, at which time a paper Georgia title will be printed and mailed to the vehicle owner.
  •  If you do not have a lienholder: The Georgia title will be mailed to you.

If your vehicle requires a Georgia title, you will be unable to register your vehicle and obtain a Georgia license plate (tag) without applying for a title at the time of registration.

The following is a list of items you will need to bring to our office.

  • The original out-of-state title issued in your name, OR,
  • If you have moved into Georgia from another state and your lender or leasing company is holding your out-of-state title, you must complete and sign a Statement of Title Held by Lien Holder or Leasing Company (Form T-17) and submit it with your original valid out-of-state registration certificate in lieu of your title. Please note : If you are coming from Missouri, Kentucky, Montana, Maryland, New York, Michigan, Oklahoma, Minnesota or Wyoming you must have the title to register.
  • If the vehicle is leased, you will also need an original notarized power of attorney from the leasing company and the lease agreement (with the name and address of the leasing company).
  • Title Application (MV-1) signed by all owners, or, for any owner(s) not present, an original notarized power of attorney (Form T-8) and a legible photocopy of the valid Georgia driver’s license or valid Georgia identification card.
  • Current registration from the former state, or purchase contract.
  • Current Georgia insurance
  • Current mileage of the vehicle(s)
  • Current Georgia Emissions Certificate, if applicable.
  • If any owner is not present, a legible photocopy of the valid Georgia driver’s license or valid Georgia identification card is required.
  • If you need information on how to obtain a Georgia driver’s license or Georgia identification card, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: Date of residency may be based on one or more of the following:

  • Date of Georgia Driver’s License/ID Card issuance
  • Closing date of home purchase
  • Rental Agreement execution date
  • Utility establishment of service date

Once your vehicle is registered in Georgia, you are required to renew your vehicle's registration by the vehicle's renewal deadline each year, which is the first registered owner’s birthday.

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