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About Forsyth County Risk Management

The Risk Management Department is responsible for insuring the county’s assets and promoting safety awareness. All property, automobile, general liability and workers’ compensation claims are managed in this office. Risk Management works closely with the County Attorney's office in all matters involving litigation or potential litigation that impacts entities or employees insured by Forsyth County. Risk Management oversees the county’s safety and loss prevention program to promote the safety and well-being of county employees and the general public.

Welcome to the Forsyth County Risk Management Department website. Our offices are located at the Forsyth County Public Safety Complex located on Settingdown Road.

Our Goals

  • Provide excellent customer service to county departments and claimants to seek timely resolution of all reported claims.
  • Develop, implement and enhance programs to incorporate safety and risk management concepts into the culture of Forsyth County to increase awareness and the ability to deal with risk management concerns.
  • Reduce the frequency of claims filed by utilizing risk assessments and benchmarking data to establish measurable goals for claim reduction in county departments.
  • Provide a best in class training program in the area of workplace safety and accident prevention to all county employees.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Providing timely and effective medical care for an injured worker and returning them to work as soon as possible by offering transitional employment are two of the top priorities in managing the workers' compensation program.

The County is self-insured for its Workers' Compensation insurance program, purchasing only an excess insurance policy. The Workers' Compensation Fund is overseen by the Risk Management Department and the Chief Financial Officer to ensure proper funding of insurance premiums and medical and indemnity payments that are set forth and regulated by the Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation. The county utiizes the services of a third party administrator to adminster the workers' compensation claims.

Safety & Loss Prevention

Forsyth County is committed to provide the highest degree of safety and health possible for Employees and the general public and is committed to preserve and protect County property and afford the same consideration towards the property of the general public through the establishment of a comprehensive Loss Prevention Program. 

The Risk Management Department serves to support the County's policy and oversees all activities relative to the Loss Control Program.


Forsyth County is committed to enhancing the safety and well-being of employees through a variety of as needed and regularly scheduled safety trainings. Risk Management conducts training in-house utilizing county employees as well as approved vendors identified through the Procurement process.

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