Public Facilities Project Updates

Public Facilties

County Administration Building and Courthouse Annex Updates


Projected schedule:

August 2018:  Courthouse Annex landscape project began

October 2018:  County Administration landscape project begins

(Photo taken 10/23/2018)

Mid-November 2018:  Annex and Administration landscape projects completed

Late November/Early December 2018:  Administration interior reconfiguration begins

End of year 2018:  New annex sign in place

(Photo taken 10/23/2018)

Second quarter 2019:  Administration interior reconfiguration completed

During the Administration Building interior renovations, Board of Commissioners work sessions will be held in Commissioners’ Meeting Room (Suite 220). 

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Our Mission

The mission of the Public Facilities Office is to assure that all public owned facilities are clean, safe and operating in the most energy efficient manner and that all county owned assets are protected by implementing good maintenance and preventative procedures. It is also the mission of the Public Facilities Office to assure that capital improvement projects are managed efficiently and completed on time, meeting budget requirements while providing best value services.