Public Facilities

Public Facilities Department utilizes the following resources:

Provides the manpower and management of all facilities maintenance for county departments and agencies owned or leased sites (60). Ensure safe and efficient operation of all equipment at each site.Services include electrical, plumbing, HVAC, roof repairs and welding.

Provides in-house and contracted custodial services for all county departments and agencies, owned or leased sites. Monitor contracted services to ensure compliance of contract. Specialized cleaning, tile floors and carpet care service included. Ensure safe and clean facilities for citizens and employees.

Provide engineering plans and cost estimates project management services. Research, recommend and plan to include electrical, plumbing and HVAC layout design. Order and pickup all supplies and materials required to complete projects. Provide manpower and management of projects. Ensure compliance with budgetary resources, building codes, safety standards and ensure all inspections are performed.

Provide manpower and management for site maintenance for county departments and agencies, owned or leased sites. Services include mowing, weed-eating, trimming and landscape design and maintenance at each site. Also provides parking area cleaning and monitoring services.

Provides installation, maintenance and monitoring of electronic equipment. This includes building alarms, surveillance systems, and access entry/exit systems. Provide support and data base management and recording services.

Provides customer service to all county department, agencies and county citizens. Receives and processes work order request and assigns to appropriate staff. Maintains data base management services that reflect labor, materials and cost analysis by department, building and projects. Ensure proper efficient communications skills are provided to citizens, county agencies and employees. Ensure all budgetary general and capital funds resources are properly expensed and in compliance with resources.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Public Facilities Office is to assure that all public owned facilities are clean, safe and operating in the most energy efficient manner and that all county owned assets are protected by implementing good maintenance and preventative procedures. It is also the mission of the Public Facilities Office to assure that capital improvement projects are managed efficiently and completed on time, meeting budget requirements while providing best value services.