Procurement Department FAQ's

How do I become a Vendor with Forsyth County?

To become a Vendor with Forsyth County, you may sign up using our new Vendor Self Service Portal (VSS), located on the Procurement Department home page.

The VSS provides vendors with web-based access to see their company’s information, such as a listing of issued purchase orders, contracts, invoices and checks. Furthermore, VSS offers the ability to upload attachments related to the vendor’s files.  VSS also allows the vendor to maintain and update their address, contact information and desired payment method.  Please contact Procurement at (770) 888-8872 if you require assistance.

Where can I find a list of what the County has out for bid or proposal?

 There are a number of sources for this information. A list of the items that are out for bid or proposal can be viewed by clicking on the "Bids and Results" link.  Please follow the instructions at the top of the "Bids and Results" page to obtain a copy of any of the solicitations. The information can also be viewed on TV Forsyth (Comcast channel 23) and in the entrance way to the Procurement Department at 514 West Maple Street, Suite 104, Cumming, GA 30040.  Also, some projects will be listed in the county’s legal organ, the Forsyth County News.

Where can a plan holder’s list be found?

 A copy of the plan holder’s list for a given solicitation can be found on the "Bids and Results" page.  You may view the plan holder's list by clicking on the appropriate solicitation and it will be listed at the bottom of the page following the advertisement.

How does Forsyth County open bids and/or proposals?

Bids are opened publicly at the time and place stated in the bid and prices are read aloud. Proposals are handled differently, in that a selection committee evaluates them. The names of the companies that submitted proposals will be posted on the web site but no cost information is given. Once a final selection is made and subject to Board of Commissioner approval, the name of the company that receives the award will be posted on the web site. Proposals are not open for review until a contract is signed. 

How can I find out bid results?

 Bid results are posted on the "Bids and Results" page within 24 hours depending on workload and number of bids received on a given day. Once posted, the results can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate solicitation and then opening the "Results" link on the right hand side.  Note: These tabulations have not been verified and do not constitute acceptance of the bid.

Are bids awarded immediately?

The using department and Procurement Department review the bid for accuracy and completion. If the bid amount is over the dollar threshold that requires Board of Commissioners approval, currently $50,000, the Board must award. The bidder will then be notified of the award and the award will be posted under the "Notice of Award" section located on the Procurement Department's "Bids and Results" page.

When is a purchase a bid and when is it a quote?

A bid is when the procurement is $50,000.00 or more, a quote is under this dollar amount. There are different forms of quotes as well: telephone, fax, and sealed. 

Do all County departments go through the Procurement Department?

 The Forsyth County Procurement policies and procedures require all departments to go through the Procurement Department for all items in excess of $2,300. The departments have County credit cards for purchases under $2,300. Note: there are a list of exceptions that the credit card cannot be used for (ex: telephone equipment, ammunition, etc.

Are bidders notified when they are not awarded the bid?

 Not individually, but the web site (B.O.C. Meeting Minutes) is used to inform bidders of the awards as well as the "Notice of Award" section on the "Bids and Results" page. Again many of the bids require Board of Commissioners approval prior to the award. Bidders to a project that required a Bid Bond will be notified by letter once the award and contract has been signed.

Who are the various buyers?

Kimber Carder – Procurement Agent I

Adrienne Trammel – Procurement Agent I

Hanna Milford – Procurement Agent II

Stephanie Holbrook – Procurement Agent II

Melissa Hogan – Procurement Agent II

Josh Rimes – Procurement Agent III

Chelsea Taylor – Assistant Procurement Agent

Larry Holtzclaw – Contract Administrator

Donna Kukarola, CPPO, CPPB – Director of Procurement


Do all vendors have to possess a Forsyth County business license?

No. However, there are instances i.e. construction, maintenance, and repairs where it will be required if you are awarded a contract for these type of items. Awards of standard off-the-shelf or manufactured items do not require a Forsyth County business license. 

Who is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the information regarding the vendor's in our vendor database?

It is the vendor's responsibility to update their address changes, new phone/fax numbers, or e-mail addresses.  Vendors may update this information using the Vendor Self Service Portal (VSS) accessable from the Procurement Department page.  You will need your Vendor ID number which can be provided if you do not know it, and your Social Security Number or Tax ID associated with your business.

If you have a questions that have not been answered by any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Procurement Department at (770) 888-8872.

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