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Probate Forms

Probate Court Standard Forms

Each year, many of the Probate Court Standard forms are changed to comply with new code provisions and to make administrative changes. The Council of Probate Court Judges recommends the use of the latest standard forms.

All of the Probate Court Standard Forms may be downloaded for your use from

The forms are available to visitors on that web site in PDF format. It is important that the new version of all forms be used. Use of outdated versions may not reflect recent changes in the law.

Birth Certificates

Birth Certificate Request Form-English
Birth Certificate Request Form-Spanish
Requesting Birth Certificate and Documentation info

Death Certificates

Death Certificate Request Form-English
Death Certificate Request Form-Spanish Revised

Estates and Guardianships

Adult Personal Status Report
Affidavit of Diligent Search
Annual Return instructions
Annual Return
Beneficiary Notice Form
Estate Inventory
Heirs Determination Worksheet
Inventory Instructions
Minor Personal Status Report Form
Personal Representative's Handbook
Waiver 53-5-8b

Marriage License and Certificate

Marriage Certificate Request Form
Marriage Counseling Form

How do I probate an estate after someone dies?

The Probate Court is unable to provide any legal advice. You should consult a licensed attorney and/or visit for more information.

What is an inventory?

An inventory is a listing of assets for an individual at the time of death or appointment of a personal representative for the estate.  You may obtain an inventory form and instructions in person at our office or above.

What is a personal status report?

A personal status report is a form that is completed by the guardian annually to provide information about an individual.  You may obtain a personal status report form for an adult or minor child in person at our office or above.

What is an annual return?

An annual return is a form that documents transactions for an estate during a specified time period.  You may obtain an annual return form and instructions in person at our office or above.  You may also watch this helpful video on how to complete an annual return: