GIS Goals & Objectives

  • Cost-effective and sustainable use of GIS technology throughout the County.

    • Objective: Establish centralized review and coordination of GIS resources, infrastructure and initiatives.
    • Objective: Implement web technologies (PC, tablet, phone) within County workflows to provide end users with readily available data and tools.
  • Provide users with easily accessible information in a common format.

    • Objective: Establish efficient and reliable County-wide access to geospatial data.
    • Objective: Promote and guide the implementation of web based applications that facilitate access to geographic information.
    • Objective: Improve public access to online government services through GIS technology.
  • Integration of GIS with other core business processes.

    • Objective: Successful integration of County GIS within identified core business processes.
    • Objective: Standardized methodologies and techniques in place and in using ISO/TC 211 "Geographic Information" standards 

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Our Mission

The mission of Geographic Information services is to work in affiliation with county departments to provide accurate, consistent, accessible, affordable, and comprehensive GIS data, GIS infrastructure, and GIS services to support the unique business needs of Forsyth County and the citizens we serve.