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Geographic Information Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for an address?

The Forsyth County GIS Department offers the ability for residents in need of addressing services to request an address through an online web geo-form without a physical visit to the county Administration Building. Once the address process is complete, a form will be returned to the requesting resident, who can then complete water meter requests through the Water Department or permit requests through the Planning Department. To learn more about the process and access the form, please visit: Forsyth Address

Where are the checklists for digital data located?

Forsyth County requires CAD drawings for final plats and as built to be submitted in a specific digital format as well as a metadata file describing the CAD drawings. (This includes revisions of approved plans.) In addition, Forsyth County GIS requires tabular information describing Stormwater and Sewer features. These should accompany a .PDF of the project. These requirements are in addition to the existing hard-copy submission requirements. 


Need to submit a map request?

To submit a map request, please email

How do we find our plats?

Plat information can be found on the clerk of courts website:


Can GIS mark my property?

No, GIS is not able to provide a site survey. All site surveys require a third-party state licensed surveyor.

Can GIS provide a legal drawing of my property?

No, GIS legally cannot certify the boundaries of a property, our data is a best representation of the data that we receive. A third-party survey would be required to legally certify property boundaries.

How do I find my property tax information?

Tax information for a specific property can be found on QPublic 

Where can I find all available GIS web applications?

All publicly accessible GIS maps and application can be found within a gallery on our Open Data portal 

Where can I download Contours?

The Topographic Download Tool provides a way to download topographic contour data for Forsyth County, Georgia for use in geographic information system (GIS) and CAD software. The data files are provided in ESRI shapefile format. Shapefiles are compatible with a wide range of GIS and CAD software but if necessary, can be converted to other formats using any number of free and commercial tools. Due to their volume, the data have been partitioned into tiles as represented by the red lines on the map.

Where can I go to get access to GIS Open Data?

Our open data portal can be used to access Forsyth County’s Open data, maps, and web applications. Please feel free to use this platform for exploring and downloading GIS data, discovering and building apps, and engaging others to solve important issues. 

Where can I download GIS data?

Open data can be downloaded from our open data portal

Where can I view survey monument information?

Survey monument information can be searched within the Survey Monument Look Up application. All historical survey markers are displayed within this map. 

About Us

GIS & Mapping Services is a department it is tasked with developing, maintaining, coordinating, and distributing GIS data and technology to Forsyth County government agencies and residents. The department also provides products and services for the public.



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