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Are you looking to join the Forsyth County Fire Department? With competitive pay, excellent benefits and an opportunity to serve your community when it needs you - an adventure awaits you at the Forsyth County Fire Department.


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The Fire Department Training Division consists of a training chief, three (3) full-time fire instructors and one (1) part-time fire instructor and is located within the Fire Department Headquarters on Settingdown Road. Training facilities include: a classroom for small classes, an auditorium for large classes, library, a two-story live fire training facility, a five-story training tower (for rappelling, search/rescue, etc), a vehicle fire simulator, above/below grade confined space facilities, ventilation simulator, and a pump drafting pit.

Prior to employment with the fire department, the fire candidate: 1) Must be at least 18 years old, 2) Cannot have been convicted of a felony in the past 10 years, 3) Must be of good moral character as determined by investigation, and 4) Must possess a high school diploma or GED. Following employment, the recruit will attend a 36-week firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification program and complete a probationary period to prove they have what it takes to perform the demanding job of a firefighter.

Annually, each career firefigher is required by Georgia state law to attend 120 hours of Fire/EMS related training. Beyond the state minimum of 120 hours we require an additional 120 hours for a total of 240 hours of annual fire-related training. The Training Division is responsible for approving and tracking the training hours of each employee. This training can be attained through departmental level training, classes at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center, the National Fire Academy, national or state fire related conferences, and other accepted training methodologies.

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The Forsyth County Fire Department protects life, property, and the environment from the ravages of fire and all other emergencies, both natural and man made, and provides citizens and visitors with emergency medical pre-hospital care in a highly effective manner with the best trained personnel possible.