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The Victim Witness Assistance Program was established to offer crime victims and witnesses emotional support during the aftermath of crime and guidance through the maze of the criminal justice system. Your knowledge of a crime as a victim or witness is very important to the criminal justice system. No crime can be solved without the help of victims and witnesses. By your willingness to get involved, you are working with other citizens, the police, the District Attorney, and the courts to reduce the crime. Most importantly, your cooperation and assistance could prevent others from being victimized. The Crime Victim Bill of Rights and the Crime Victim's Compensation Program were developed to protect the interests of the victim.

Crime Victim Bill of Rights

  • The right to notification of each stage in the judicial process to include pretrial hearings, bond, grand jury, arraignment, motion hearings, pleas of guilty, trial, sentencing, appeals.
  • The right to notification of arrest, release, possibility of release, or escape of accused or any change in custodial status.
  • The right to give opinions of release from custody or on bond issues.
  • The right to a private waiting area during any related court proceedings.
  • The right to offer input on plea negotiations or sentence hearings and conditions.
  • The right to receive compensation and/or restitution when eligible.
  • The right to protection from intimidation or harm.

Please understand that the Criminal Justice System is complicated and that cases take time to be called for trial. If you have any changes in contact information be sure to notify your local Victim Witness Assistance Program to update them. Do not hesitate to call with any possible questions.

!REMEMBER * If you are threatened or intimidated in any way by the defendant, his/her family or friends - contact local law enforcement immediately.

You also have the right to refuse if someone other that the District Attorney, his staff, or investigating police agency attempts to talk with you regarding the case. If this happens, contact the local VWAP immediately.

Crime Victim's Compensation Program The State of Georgia has a program to assist victims with crime related expenses if you are a victim of a violent crime. It can help compensate victims for medical bills, counseling expenses, lost wages, and funeral expenses that are not covered by insurance or other sources. This program does not cover property loss. There are eligibility requirements and limits to this compensation program.

Please contact the Victim Witness Assistance Program for further details, or the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council at 404-559-4949.

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