Code Compliance is for the common good of all Forsyth County residents. The county codes have been enacted to ensure attractive neighborhoods, vibrant businesses and an enjoyable community for all.

Code Compliance:

  • Protects the safety and welfare of Forsyth County residents
  • Helps in maintaining and increasing property values
  • Reduces crime
Code Compliance is the commitment to provide safe, healthy and attractive living conditions for all Forsyth County residents by the enforcement of all county codes.

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 Address:               4057 County Way
Cumming, GA 30028
 Phone: 678-513-5893
 Fax: 770-781-4290
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Our Mission

The mission of Forsyth County Code Compliance is to develop partnerships with our citizens and those who conduct business in Forsyth County, to preserve and improve quality of life issues by providing Forsyth County with a safe, healthy and quality environment.