Reporting Violations

Many citizens may not be sure what a code violation is, what to do if they suspect a code violation or how to report a possible code violation.

How do I know a code violation exists?
There are many types of violations, too numerous to list here. Some common violations are described on this site. Please keep in mind the differences between personal opinions and code violations. In order for a code violation to exist, there must be a definite violation of Forsyth County codes.

As an example, if your neighbors paint their home a color you dislike, it is not a code violation. It may be in violation of a community covenant or deed restriction, but is not a code violation. Code Compliance does not enforce community covenants or deed restrictions. Those are civil issues pursued privately by individuals or organizations.

To report a code violation:

By Phone:
Call the Code Compliance administrative office during business hours Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 678.513.5893. After hours and on holidays and weekends, please leave a detailed message of the complaint and a contact number if you wish to have follow-up contact.

Submit an online complaint using the form below. Please Include:

  • Specific address or detailed location of the code violation
  • Detailed description of the code violation
  • Time and date violation occurred   

Code Compliance respects your confidentially and will accept anonymous complaints.  However, we are unable to provide follow-up information with anonymous complaints and do encourage complainant information. All complaints received by the Code Compliance Department are subject to The Freedom of Information Act records requests.

File Your Complaint Online

Enter the date the violation occurred. This will help us respond quickly.
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Enter your address.
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Enter the name of the individual or organization committing a violation.
Enter the address where the violation occurred here.
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If the address is unknown, or if you wish to provide further detail, please describe the location of the incident.
Please explain, in detail, the nature of your complaint.
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Our Mission

The mission of Forsyth County Code Compliance is to develop partnerships with our citizens and those who conduct business in Forsyth County, to preserve and improve quality of life issues by providing Forsyth County with a safe, healthy and quality environment.