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Permitting Division

The Permitting Division issues all building permits.
Once building plans have been approved, there are documents that will need to be completed to obtain the permit.  Information on the various permits and associated documents is available through this division.  


Shelia Clark, Permitting Manager
770-781-2114 ext. 2506

Deborah Chambers, Administrative Assistant
770-781-2114 ext. 2509

Submit your building permit request using the Customer Self Service Portal. To access the portal, click the button below.

Customer Self Service Portal (CSS)

These forms below are available for download in PDF format for your convenience. To complete the application, click on the first field and type in your information. Use the tab key to move to the next field. Use mouse clicks to select or deselect the check boxes. 


Click on link to view UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CODE (UDC) 

Countywide Residential Lot Standards Checklist and Southeast Forsyth Residential Lot Standards Checklist Refer to Adopted Design Requirements to view new standards effective December 6, 2019, in an effort to enhance community character, which is an identified goal of the Forsyth County Comprehensive Plan.  Any request for a lap siding exposure variance will need to submit an application.  Lap Siding Administrative Variance Application.  

  • Manufactured Mobile Home - to request a building permit to locate a mobile home on a parcel of property must be obtained in the permitting office only.  
  • Residential Additions - to request a building permit for an addition to an existing house.
  • Residential Renovations - to request a building permit for an interior renovation to an existing house. 
  • Basement Finish - to request a building permit to finish out an unfinished basement. If you have permitting and/or inspection questions or concerns about a previously completed basement project, please contact the Chief Building Inspector, Jason Holbrook, at 770-205-4633 or by e-mail at  
  • Accessory Buildings - to request a building permit for an accessory structure detached from the residents garages, pool houses, etc.
  • Deck/Porch- to request a building permit for the installation or structural repair regardless of height of a deck. This permit is also used for outdoor fireplace.
  • Swimming Pool - to request a building permit for in-ground, above-ground or on-ground swimming pool, hot tub or spa for residential use.
  • Residential Fence - to request a permit to install a fence.
  • Residential Retaining Wall - to request a permit to install a retaining wall.


  • Building Permit Application - A checklist is provided in the application for the required documentation needed to secure a commercial building permit.
  • Temporary Toilet Permit Application - A temporary toilet permit is required when bathroom facilities are unavailable. This permit is currently issued by the Environmental Health Department.
  • Commercial Sewer Affidavit - required when sewer is being added to a structure
  • Copies of State & Business Licenses - A copy of the State and Business Licenses are required from all General Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Plumbing Contractors and Mechanical Contractors in order to secure a building permit.



  • Approved commercial building plans should have stamped-approved plans on site.
  • All required sub-contractors must apply under original building permit.
  • Power cannot be released without approved inspection.
  • Final Inspections cannot be requested until all outstanding fees are paid.
  • New structure, shell, additions, and foundation-only permits require As-Built plans to be submitted to the Department of Planning and Community Development for Commercial, Office, Industrial and Recreational sites. The final inspections will not be scheduled until the As-Built plan has been submitted. An As-Built plan is a civil drawing depicting completed site development infrastructure, improvements, and building construction as it exists in the field. As-Built plans must be prepared by a licensed land surveyor and may involve a licensed engineer. Upon approval of the As-Built plan and the site improvements, the applicant may request the certificate of occupancy. Plan review and field inspections by multiple departments take approximately seven business days.


    • Swimming Pools - This permit is for all public swimming pools including pools located in residential amenity areas.

    • Irrigation Permit - This is used to obtain a permit for an irrigation system.   
    • Electrical Only Permit - This permit is used when the scope of work is limited to electrical only work in or on a commercial building or property. This type of work does not require a plan review.
    • Mechanical Only Permit - This permit is used when the scope of work is limited to HVAC work only in or on a commercial building or property. This type of work does not require a plan review.
    • Plumbing Only Permit -This permit is used when the scope of work is limited to plumbing work only in or on a commercial building or property. This type of work does not require a plan review.



    Existing Systems, New Systems, Replacement Systems 

    All applications, reviews, and approvals are handled independently by the


    Note:  A site plan will be required showing the location of proposed structures (patios, decks, detached garages, storage buildings,  porches etc.),    the existing home, and all other existing structures.  

    Note:  Complete floor plans documenting the total number of bedrooms will be required for all home remodel and addition projects.

    For more information please contact: 

    Gary D. Helmuth, M.P.H., Environmental Health Specialist
    309 Pirkle Ferry Rd, Building D, Suite 500, Cumming, Ga. 30040
    770-781-6909 |








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    Our mission is to effectively administer and enforce mandatory construction codes, thereby ensuring the integrity of both residential and commercial buildings. With a sharp focus on efficiency and continuous improvement, we strive to enhance the prosperity of Forsyth County's citizens and business community through a strong commitment to customer service and shepherding projects to the finish line.