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At the present time, all Forsyth County Boards and Commissioners are meeting live and in-person, but with both remote viewing and (in the case of public hearings or public comment) remote participation opportunities. Please click here for information on how to view, access and participate in these meetings.

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners is assisted by a number of boards, councils, commissions, committees and authorities. These groups are comprised of board members, staff and county residents.

Generally speaking, terms such as board, council, commission, committee and authority are interchangeable as applied to the names of these bodies. The groups vary in size and responsibility. Some bodies are created for a specific length of time, while others are ongoing in their assistance to the Board of Commissioners.

In addition, commissioners make appointments to a variety of other authorities and boards throughout the county, region and state, which serve in advisory capacities for specific projects, services or facilities. These operate outside the direct supervision of the county government.

For more information about these various bodies, contact the office of the clerk to the Board of Commissioners at (770) 781-2101.

Animal Control Board (formerly the Dangerous Dog Hearing Board)

  • Dr. John McGruder
  • Vicki Rennick
  • Scot Rucker

Avita Community Partners Board of Directors

  • Sgt. Terry Hawkins
  • Penny Penn - Forsyth County Elected Official

Board of Health

  • Jason May
  • Cindy Jones Mills
  • Dr. Shannon Mize
  • Lamar Suddeth
  • Joel Webb
  • Mayor Troy Brumbalow
  • Dr. Jeff Bearden

Board of Voter Registrations and Elections

  • Barb Luth (Chief Registrar & Chairperson)
  • Mathew Jerome Blender
  • Joel Natt
  • Randy Ingram
  • Carla Radzikinas

Chestatee-Chattahoochee Resource Conservation and Development Council

  • Brenda Johnson
  • Lanier Warbington

Civil Service Board

  • Terry Smith (Member)
  • Tim Perry (Chairman & County Employee Rep)
  • Jerry Bowman (Vice Chairman & Neutral Rep)
  • Jack Allen (Alternate/Temporary)
  • Richard Neville (Hearing Officer)
  • Kathy Echols (Clerk)

D.A.T.E. (Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Fund Advisory Committee)

  • Cindy Jones Mills (BOC appointee)
  • Judge Jeffrey Bagley (Superior Court appointee)
  • Judge Russell McClelland (State Court appointee)
  • Judge J. Russell Jackson (Juvenile Court appointee)
  • Penny Penn (DA appointee)
  • Sheriff Ron Freeman (Sheriff’s appointee)
  • Shannon Hilliard (Felony probation appointee)
  • Solicitor Bill Finch (Solicitor’s appointee)
  • Steve Page (Georgia Probation Management appointee)
  • Debbie Smith (BOE appointee)

Development Authority of Forsyth County

  • Joanne Tolleson
  • Bobby Thomas
  • Joseph Stein 
  • David Seago
  • Justin Hawkins
  • Larry Duckworth
  • Ben Knight

Equalization Board I (Appointed by Grand Jury)

  • Shirley Jones
  • Gary Smith
  • Charles Askew
  • Alternates:
  • John Richards
  • Denny Fitzpatrick
  • Joseph Latour

Equalization Board II (Appointed by Grand Jury)

  • Patricia Smith
  • Russ Day
  • Adrian Flack
  • Alternates:
  • Lynn Wilson
  • Carol LaBranche

Family and Children Services

  • Sarah Pedarre' (District 1)
  • Ronnie Tejani (District 2)
  • Paula Malmfeldt (District 3)
  • Lisa Bennett (District 4)
  • Winifred Weng (District 5)

Forsyth County Citizen Stakeholders

  • Shane Hazel (District 1)
  • Margie Carroll (District 1)
  • Ty Davis (District 3)
  • Edward W. Sircy (District 3)
  • Gary Cooper (District 4)
  • Melissa A. Loggins (District 4)
  • Kathy Autry (District 5)
  • Alex Davie (District 5)
  • Robert Hoyt (District 5)

Forsyth County E-911 Advisory Board

  • Sheriff
  • Fire Chief
  • Current member of the Board of Commissioners (VACANT)
  • County Manager
  • Cumming Police Chief
  • Representative of EMS company employed by county
  • Citizen stakeholder (Jerry Adams)
  • The 911 Director shall serve as an advisory, non-voting, ex-officio member

Georgia Mountains Regional Commission Council

  • Cindy Jones Mills (Forsyth County government)
  • Scott Evans (Private sector)
  • Chuck Welch (City of Cumming)
  • Angela Whidby (Governor's appointee)
  • VACANT (Lt. Governor's appointee)

Keep Forsyth County Beautiful Board of Directors

  • Jennifer Archer
  • Don Bailey
  • Ricky Bryan
  • Ralph Cromer
  • Ross Gericke
  • Crystal Johnson 
  • Tracey Jones
  • Jason May
  • Jon McDaniel
  • Beth Vanderhoff
  • Denise Webb

Library Board of Trustees

  • Mary Helen McGruder (Chairman, District 1)
  • Kristin Morrissey (District 2)
  • Tim Plotner (District 3)
  • Kathy Thomas (District 4)
  • Christy Winters (District 5)

Metro North Georgia Water Planning District Technical Coordinating Committee

  • Barry Lucas
  • Renee Hoge

Metro North Georgia Water Planning District Governing Board   

  • Cindy Jones Mills

North Georgia Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council

  • Jason Shivers
  • Richard Hamilton

Parks and Recreation Board

  • Matt McClure (District 1)
  • Terri Johnson (District 2)
  • Brian Yearwood (District 3)
  • Gary Cooper (District 4)
  • Bibiano Lopez (District 5)

Planning Commission

  • Kerry Hill (District 1)
  • Stacy Guy (District 2)
  • Jessica Thorsen (District 3)
  • Nedal Shawkat (District 4)
  • Tim Dineen (District 5)

Public Facilities Authority

  • Ken Shugart (District 1)
  • Phillip Barlag (District 2)
  • Edward H. Kroell (District 3)
  • Charles Albert "Bert" Durand (District 4)
  • Steve Dabbs (District 5)

Region One DBHDD Planning Board

  • Debbie Arena
  • Anne Grant
  • Heather Hayes
  • Hayley King

Tax Assessors Board

  • Jason May (District 1)
  • Richard O'Brien (District 2)
  • Phillip M. Winter (District 3)
  • Charles Cantrell (District 4)
  • Gerald T. Sullivan (District 5)

Tree Protection Commission

  • Peter Bond
  • John Allison
  • Doug Pattillo
  • Brian Cole
  • Avery Howell

Tripartite Committee

  • David Savoy - Chairman
  • Jacob Stidham - Member
  • Cleveland "Cleve" Hill - Member

Water and Sewerage Authority

  • Molly Cooper
  • Alfred John
  • Todd Levent
  • Cindy Jones Mills
  • Laura Semanson
  • Director of Water & Sewer

Zoning Board of Appeals

  • Mark Weiss (District 1)
  • SreeRam Royyala (District 2)
  • Edward H. Kroell (District 3)
  • Donald Owen (District 4)
  • Steve Kirby (District 5)

Annual Committee Appointments


  • Cindy Mills
  • Alfred John
  • Molly Cooper
  • County Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer

Water and Sewer

  • Cindy Mills
  • Laura Semanson
  • Tim Merritt


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