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Heavy Duty Equipment


Heavy-Duty Equipment Dealer Monthly Sales Return: This form to be completed by the selling dealer no later than thirty (30) days after the last day of the month of heavy-duty equipment purchased by in-state purchasers.


Heavy-Duty Equipment Motor Vehicle Tax Computation Form: To be calculated by selling dealer and tax collected from the out-of-state purchaser by the dealer at the time of sale and remitted no later than last day of the month following sale.

Mobile Homes


Dealer's Statement of Sale of Mobile Home: to be completed by the dealer upon the sale of a mobile home after January 1.


Mobile Home Certificate of Removal from Permanent Location


Mobile/Manufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location: valid Georgia title issued.


Manufactured Home Certificate of Permanent Location: Georgia title has not been issued.

Other Forms

Removal Request for Personal Information from Public Record

In accordance to O.C.G.A. 50-18-78 - Removal of law enforcement officer’s personal identifiable information from public records.

Request to Remove Safety Sensitive Lock

Request to remove the lock placed on a safety sensitive property per the O.C.G.A. 50-18-78.

Personal Property


Aircraft Personal Property Tax Return: for returning airplanes, rotorcraft, and lighter than air vehicles.


Marine Personal Property Tax Return: for returning boats and motors that include all craft in and above the water.


Business Personal Property Tax Return: for reporting personal property of a business such as furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment, inventory, freeport inventory, and other personal property.


Application For Freeport Exemption Inventory: to accompany the Business Personal Property Tax Return when filing for freeport exemption in a county/city that has passed freeport.

Real Property

PT-50R Forsyth County

Taxpayer's Return of Real Property: for returning real property and improvements.

Homestead Exemption Application

For applying for homestead and floating exemption.


Appeal of Assessment Form

Timber Sales


Report of Timber Sale or Harvest: to be completed upon the sale or harvest of standing timber.