Guardian Call Request


The Forsyth County 911 Center, along with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office, offers the Guardian Call service to all county residences. This service is an automated system that makes contact by phone with a person every day at the same time or any routine schedule requested by the participant. That person will then press 1 if they are okay or press 2 if they need assistance. If the person does not respond or presses 2 an officer will be sent out to make contact with the person to verify all is well. There is no charge for the service.


You can sign up for the Guardian Call Service by contacting Heather Combs at (678) 455-8073 or




and fill out the request form and send it back to the Forsyth County 911 Center by:



Fax: (770) 781-2202


Forsyth County 911 Center

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Our Mission

Forsyth County 911 Center maintains and operates the Forsyth County 911 communications system in such fashion that all calls, whether emergency or non-emergency in nature, are answered in an efficient and effective manner that assures to the greatest degree possible the safety of responders and the general public; provides such service in a courteous and professional manner; and works at all times to preserve and protect the lives and property of all persons in Forsyth County.