Commend an Employee

There is no greater form of recognition for a 911 Center employee than to receive a compliment from someone whose life they have touched and made better.

As means of maintaining both Forsyth County 911 Center performance and community relations, the Forsyth County 911 Center:

• Encourages citizen recommendation for improvements in our service delivery

• Welcomes the commendations of 911 Center personnel who admirably perform their duties

• Encourages commendations and/or questions about the 911 Center’s performance or actions of its members and employees.

Commendations can consist of any form of recognition from a citizen's letter to an award.  Letters should describe the events or incident along with the communications officer’s name(s) and/or ID # if known.  In all cases, especially letters of appreciation, the employee and his or her supervisor, the 911 Center Assistant Director, and the 911 Center Director, are made aware of outstanding performance.  A copy of the letter is placed in the employee's personnel file.


If you wish to commend a 911 Center employee you may register your commendation in one of the following ways:

• At any time you may contact the Forsyth County 911 Center at 770-781-3087.  Request to speak with a 911 Center Supervisor and he/she will take the appropriate action.

• You may contact the Forsyth County 911 Center Deputy Director at 678-513-5948 or by email at:

• If you choose you may also make your commendation in writing and forward it to:


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Our Mission

Forsyth County 911 Center maintains and operates the Forsyth County 911 communications system in such fashion that all calls, whether emergency or non-emergency in nature, are answered in an efficient and effective manner that assures to the greatest degree possible the safety of responders and the general public; provides such service in a courteous and professional manner; and works at all times to preserve and protect the lives and property of all persons in Forsyth County.