Laptop Standards

Approved by the Forsyth County Board of Commissioner’s 12/4/08




Section 2 - Laptop Computers


Approval routing of requisitions for all Information Technology items (computers/laptops/accessories/parts) go through the Forsyth County Information Technology (I.T.) Department.  When placing a requisition in the GEMS system the commodity code for these items will automatically provide this routing. 


Requisitions for laptop computers must clearly state the intended use of the laptop and the specific need for a portable computer.  Without this required information the review process of the request will be delayed.


All computers including laptops will meet County Standards as set by the Forsyth County I.T. Department.


There are three (3) standard laptops:


1.                  Laptop A – a full feature, enterprise model with a three (3) year next business day (on site) warranty. 

2.                  Laptop B – special circumstances may dictate a more robust unit from Laptop A due to its use with special applications and will be determined on a case by case basis by the Forsyth County I.T. Department.

3.                  Laptop C – Rugged or Semi-Rugged – this again will be determined based on need.  At a very minimum these will only be approved if it is to be mounted in a vehicle, or to be used in extreme environments.


These standards are chiefly for compatibility reasons as the choice of available systems from vendors changes constantly as manufactures update their offerings with the latest technology. 

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