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Emergency Alerts and Warning

Alert Forsyth - Everbridge Emergency Alerts

It is critical to stay informed during all emergencies and severe weather events by signing up to receive alerts from the Forsyth County Government. Residents can elect to receive time-sensitive notifications via email, telephone call, and/or text message. There is no cost to sign up to receive these alerts, but phone usage or text charges may apply. The alerts will be sent out for severe weather situations (i.e. severe thunderstorm warnings, flash flood warnings, tornado warnings, or any other significant event affecting Forsyth County). Alerts will also be sent for emergencies, such as health and public safety issues.

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Please note that some information received may be subject to public distribution via the Georgia Open Records Act.

All users are reminded that Forsyth County does not retain username and password information. Users must make any updates to their information directly through the Everbridge sign-up page or application on their smartphones.

For any questions regarding the alert and warning Everbridge system for Forsyth County, please email

Alerts and Warnings - Notification Systems

Warnings are the most powerful tool you can have when preparing and planning for any severe weather. Every family should have multiple ways for severe weather alerts, including at least one that is audible to wake you in the middle of the night, if necessary. Some options for staying in touch with ever-changing weather conditions include:

  • WeatherSTEM Sites: There are three active WeatherSTEM sites for Forsyth County located at the Forsyth County Public Safety Complex, Alliance Academy, and the University of North Georgia - Cumming Campus.
  • NOAA Weather Radios: Watches and Warnings are issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) directly on these radios.
  • Alert Forsyth Everbridge Alert and Notification System: health and public safety alerts as well as weather alerts.
  • Outdoor Severe Weather Sirens: see below for more information regarding our 27 sirens.
  • Television Stations: Local or national news stations monitor and broadcast weather alerts.
  • AM/FM Radio: Radio stations are required to air Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages.
  • Smartphone Applications: There are numerous free and paid smartphone applications to notify the public of severe weather. Some of these applications use GPS tracking on your phone and will notify you of severe weather warnings based on your location. 
  • Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA): WEA are emergency messages sent by authorized government alerting authorities through your mobile carrier. The alert system requires no need to download an app or subscribe to a service. The WEA message will usually provide the category and time, and the Forsyth County Government will issue the alert alongside any action that you should take.

Outdoor Tornado Sirens

Forsyth County has 27 outdoor tornado sirens located throughout the county to notify residents that a tornado is in the area. Tornado sirens are only designed to be heard by individuals outside during severe weather. Residents should have other means of receiving severe weather notifications when located inside a structure.

Monthly testing of the audible siren will take place at noon on the first Wednesday of every month, weather permitting. In the event Forsyth County is placed under a tornado warning, the sirens will be activated. 

Siren Locations


Outdoor Warning Sirens_2023



#1 - 3520 Settingdown Road – Public Safety Complex
#2 - 7455 Wallace Tatum Road – Matt Elementary
#3 - 6945 Keith Bridge Road – Chestatee Elementary
#4 - 5850 Charleston Park Road – Charleston Park
#5 - 7800 Shadburn Ferry Road – Shady Grove Park
#6 - 2300 Keith Bridge Road – Central Park
#7 - 1616 Canton Highway – Sawnee Elementary
#8 - 1525 Buford Highway – Fire Station 15
#9 - 5100 Post Road – Midway Park
#10 - 800 McFarland Parkway – Fire Station 14
#11 - 4610 Windermere Parkway – South Forsyth Middle
#12 - 3680 Old Atlanta Road – Fire Station 10
#13 - 6320 Dahlonega Highway – Fire Station 7
#14 - 1994 Peachtree Parkway – Big Creek Elementary
#15 - 4805 Atlanta Highway – Midway Elementary
#16 - 5895 Heardsville Road – Ducktown Park
#17 - 3355 Windermere Parkway – Windermere Park
#18 – 4010 Vintage Ct. – Bald Ridge Campgrounds
#19 – 1180 Chamblee Gap Road – Kelly Mill Elementary School
#20 – 585 Peachtree Parkway – South Forsyth High School
#21 – 4110 Carolene Way – Fowler Park 
#22 - 6115 Jot Em Down Road – Lanierland Park
#23 - Buford Dam Rd/Rockport Dr. (across from 3005 Rockport Dr.)
#24 - 4075 Spot Rd. – Sawnee Mountain Preserve
#25 - 2505 Bettis Tribble Gap Rd. – Sawnee Mountain Preserve 
#26 - 6555 Wallace Tatum Rd. – Matt Community Park
#27 - 6240 Post Rd. – Vickery Creek Middle School