Compensation Eligibility Requirements:

The following are statutory requirements which must be met in order to be an eligible applicant:

The crime must be a violent crime and not a property crime.

The crime must be reported to a law enforcement agency within 72 hours of the occurrence.

The victim or claimant must cooperate fully with law enforcement officials in their investigation and prosecution.

The victim or claimant must file a complete application within 1 year of the crime or two years with good cause.

The victim must not be the offender or any accomplice of the offender.

The victim must not have contributed to the offense.

Compensable Losses Include:
Medical Expenses
Counseling Expenses (*Counselors must be licensed by the Secretary of State)
Funeral Expenses
Economic Loss (Lost Wages, Loss of Support)(*Doctor’s note required when out more than one week)
Crime Scene Sanitation (Documentation Necessary)(All applications need a Police Report enclosed)


Categorical Caps
Medical Expenses $15,000.00
     a.) Medical Bills
Funeral Expenses $3,000.00
     a.) Death Certificate
     b.) Funeral Bill
Counseling Expenses $3,000.00
     a.) Counseling Bills
Lost Wages $10,000.00
     a.) Pay stubs for a period at least 60 days prior to injury
     b.) Letter from employer stating number of days missed and wages lost
     c.) Doctor’s note required when out more than one week
Loss of Support $10,000.00
Crime Scene Sanitation $1,500

**********Total Amount Allowable is $25,000************

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