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Forsyth County Law Library

The Forsyth County Law Library welcomes you to its website. The Library serves as a resource to support the legal research needs of the Forsyth County Judiciary, Attorneys, Paralegals, Pro Se Litigants, and the general public.  The emphasis is on Georgia and Federal materials and is oriented to the needs of the trial court.  It is a reference Library only and the removal of books from the premises is prohibited.

The Law Library is a part of the Forsyth County Superior Court Administration and was created and is governed by title 36, chapter 15 of the State statutes.  Pursuant to State legislation, a Board of Trustees is responsible for making all rules, regulations, and decisions governing the Law Library.  The Board consists of the Chief Judges of the Superior and State courts, the Solicitor General, Clerk of Courts, Probate Judge, and two local Attorneys.

The Library staff provides assistance in finding appropriate materials and suggesting possible resources.  However, the staff may not give advice or interpretation about specific legal situations, which may constitute the unauthorized practice of law.

The Library material is contained in print and the online research service, WestlawNext, which provides easy access to West’s vast collection of statutes, case law materials and other legal resources. Copy costs are $.25 a page.

The Library is located in downtown Cumming at 101 East Courthouse Square, Suite 1030A, Cumming, GA 30040, and is open Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except on county holidays. 



The forms and information available on this website are not intended as legal advice and should not be considered as such. They are provided only for reference purposes. The content and format of forms not specifically determined by a Georgia statute or court rule may require modification to suit the specific facts of a given case. The publication of these forms is in no way a representation that they are appropriate for use in a particular case or situation, or that they are adequate for use without modification and/or elaboration. In addition, the law may change at any time, making current forms outdated. You should always research and review those statutes and procedural rules that pertain to your case to ensure that the complaint, answer, motion, or other document you are filing is accurate and in compliance with current Georgia law. To ensure the proper use of any of these forms, you should consult a licensed attorney. 

The information and forms available on this website are free. They are not for sale. By using this website, you agree not to sell or make a profit in any way from any information or forms that you obtained through this website (this does not include licensed attorneys utilizing these forms in a specific case).

 If you have questions about how any of the information and/or forms contained on this website relate to your case, we strongly recommend that you contact a licensed attorney.

By using the forms on this website, you are certifying that you have read, understand, and agree with this DISCLAIMER. The Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit, its officials, employees, agents and/or anyone contributing to the creation of the forms, instructions, other materials, and all other information provided on or by this website, assume no responsibility for, and shall be held harmless for, any and all damages (direct, indirect and/or consequential) resulting from your reliance and/or use of any information, forms, and/or materials.

The use of the information and forms on this website does not guarantee any particular outcome in court.

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The Forsyth County Law Library serves as a resource to support the legal research needs of the Forsyth County Judiciary, Attorneys, Paralegals, Pro Se Litigants, and the general public.