Land Disturbance Permit / Subdivision Plat Information

  • Effective July 19, 2021, Landscape and Tree Plans must be included in the first submittal of Land Disturbance Permits.
  • Effective January 1, 2021, all applications for LDPs, final plats and variances are to be submitted electronically through the Forsyth County online Customer Self Service portal (CSS).  The online CSS portal allows customers to submit applications and make Visa/Mastercard payments electronically. Please visit the Digital Plan Submission page for more information and details.   
  • The weekly deadline for LDPs is Monday by 5:00pm for plan submittal. Resubmittals which were originally submitted via paper are still being approved by wet stamp. Contact Ruth Garcia at for details. 
  • Please be aware that there is currently a moratorium on the acceptance of Land Disturbance Permit applications for R2R, LR, CR1 and CR2 zoned properties. 

Please visit the Departmental Checklists page for County Wide and Southeast Design Standards. Contact staff to verify applicability.

Land-Disturbing Activity: Any grading, scraping, excavating, or filling of land; clearing of vegetation; and any construction, rebuilding, or alteration of a structure. Land-disturbing activity shall not include activities such as ordinary maintenance and landscaping operations, individual home gardens, yard and grounds upkeep, repairs, additions or minor modifications to a single family dwelling, and the cutting of firewood for personal use.

Vertical construction of projects require three (3) permits before construction can commence:  

  1. A Land/Site Development Permit (for conformance with zoning codes) 
  2. Commercial Building Plan Review - with elevations (for conformance with building codes)
  3. The issuance of a Building Permit for each building 

The Site Development Permit and the Building Plan Review may be submitted for review concurrently. Keep in mind a Site Development will need to be approved prior to your Commercial Building Plans, and both approvals are required before a Building Permit may be issued.  All Site Development Permits require the submittal and approval of a post-construction ‘As-Built’ survey.

Types of Land Disturbance Permits

  1. Clearing & Grubbing and/or Grading (CG) Fee: $250
  2. Road Construction (RC) Fee: $25/per lot + $250
  3. Sanitary Sewer (SW) Fee: $30/per disturbed acres or min $250
  4. Site Development (SD) Fee: $30/per disturbed acres or min $250 

Recordable Documents

  1. Final Plats (FP) Fee: 1st submittal no fee / Revision $250
  2. As-Builts  (AS) Fee: No fee
  3. Minor Plats (MP) Fee: $5 for review, $10 per page for recording

Any land disturbance requires a plan review prior to receiving a permit. 

Land/Site Development Permits

A Land Development Permit (LDP/SD) is different from Building Permits regulated under the International Code Council (ICC).  Land Development Permits/Site Development includes Construction/Land Disturbance Permits, e.g. grading, road construction, sewer & water line development, site development, and re-development.  All Land/Site Development Permits are reviewed by multiple county departments.  After the plans are reviewed by all necessary departments, comments are provided to the plan designer. To obtain approval for a Land Development Permit, an applicant must address the reviewer’s comments then obtain final approval (stamp on plans) from each reviewing department.  The routing requirements vary depending on which type of Land Development Permit.  Please consult with staff regarding which reviewing departments you will receive comments and obtain final approval from. 

Once all required departments have stamped approved the plan and all conditions of plan approval met, the plan will be released back for printing. For LDPs,11 sets of the stamped approved plan must be delivered along with a copy of the Notice of Intent filed with the Georgia EPD, as well as the county's portion of the NPDES fee. Final Plats require 9 sets of the full size stamped approved and recorded plat. 

Applications, Fees, and Guides


    In order to facilitate easier plan processing, it is highly recommended that developers review all the attached Department Checklists, as these are the checklists that each Reviewing Department will use to review your submittal.

    Forsyth County requires the submission, review and approval of an as-built plan prior to issuance of the Certification of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion for all commercial, industrial, condominium, and residential amenities projects. 

    As-Built Plan Submission & Review

    An As-Built plan is a civil drawing depicting completed site development and building construction or as-built profile of utilities as it exists in the field. As-Built plans and sewer profiles must be prepared by a licensed land surveyor and may involve a licensed engineer. They must show all infrastructure improvements and building footprints as they were actually constructed in the field. After all departments have approved the plan, it is recorded with the Clerk of Court. 

    As-builts are reviewed by several Departments, including Planning and Community Development, Engineering, Water & Sewer, Tax Assessor and GIS. Many of these Departments conduct field inspections and some may require additional reports such as those for Backflow Prevention and Hydrology. Field inspectors from several departments visit the site and also provide comments to the applicant. For more information on as-built requirements, please visit the Departmental Checklists page. Please email us at or call us at (770) 781-2115 should you have any questions.  

    Staff Contacts 

    LDP submittal process: 

    Ruth Garcia | Planning Technician
    Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
    110 E. Main Street, Suite 100 | Cumming, Georgia 30040
    (678) 455-8472 direct | (770) 781-2115 main 

    LDP Plan Review Contacts: 

    John Barlow | Planner II
    Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
    110 E. Main Street, Suite 100 | Cumming, Georgia 30040
    (770) 886-2760 direct | (770) 781-2115 main

    Susan Green | Planner II
    Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
    110 E. Main Street, Suite 100 | Cumming, Georgia 30040
    (770) 205-4565 direct | (770) 781-2115 main

    Carroll Williams | Planner II
    Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
    110 E. Main Street, Suite 100 | Cumming, Georgia 30040
    (770) 781-2115, ext. 2860 direct | (770) 781-2115 main

    Lori Kyle | Planning Manager
    Forsyth County Department of Planning & Community Development
    110 E. Main Street, Suite 100 | Cumming, Georgia 30040
    (770) 205-4524 direct | (770) 781-2115 main

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