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What is a Process Server?

Process servers are hired by law offices, accountants, doctors, and individuals to give legal notice to a person of a court request of the served party to respond to a proceeding before that court. These court documents are known as process and are typically delivered, or served, by a legal process server to ensure safe and timely delivery. 

What is Required to Become a Superior Court, State Court and Magistrate Court-approved Process Server in 2019?

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Complete a Forsyth County Superior Court Process Server Application 
  • Possess a valid Georgia Driver's License
  • Completion of the Georgia Process Servers 12-Hour Pre-Certification Training
  • Passed the Georgia Certified Process Server State Examination 
  • Submittal of a named-based criminal background check run within 2 weeks of application that shows you have not committed any serious criminal offenses 
  • Must be endorsed by a member of the State Bar of Georgia in good standing, to have good character, honesty, and integrity 
  • Applications will be accepted from November 12,  2018 to December 17, 2018.

Please click the following link for more information about the Georgia Process Servers 12-Hour Pre-Certification Training and Georgia Certified Process Server State Examination: 

Submitting Your Application 

Process Server applications for 2019 may be submitted by either certified mail or hand delivered to: 

Office of Court Administration
Bell-Forsyth Judicial Circuit
101 East Courthouse Square
Suite 5043
Cumming, GA 30040   

Notification Process 

Once the 2019 Process Server Application is reviewed and a decision regarding appointment has been made, an email will be sent to the petitioner's attention confirming his or her status as a Process Server. A copy of the official appointment will be attached.   

Process Server Appointment Term 

If approved, your 2019 Process Server Appointment will remain effective until December 31, 2019.

*Effective October 2019, all approved process servers will be required to have completed the 5 hour Continuing Education course if applicable.*

For More Information 

If you have any questions about the 2019 Process Server application process, please contact the Office of Court Administration at (678) 965-7135.

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